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Burn calories and increase fat loss, Increase muscle tone and strength. Increase fitness and energy. All this while meeting new people, making friends and improving wellbeing physically and mentally.

How we started

Miranda, Matt and Shayne started Activ8 in 2008 as there were no other Bootcamps in Whangarei. Whangarei needed something more than just a regular gym. So Activ8 was born.

Trainers at Activ8 are passionate about health, well-being and living life to the full which inspired them to create their own unique brand of health and fitness. Exercise of course plays a major role within Activ8, but the team take a holistic approach to health and fitness and really care about your goals and health journey by addressing different areas like nutrition, stress, sleep, emotions, lifestyle and time.

Our sessions

Activ8’s sessions are delivered with positive energy, personal attention and a commitment to succeeding with each and every client. The packages also include food diaries, phone and text message motivation, mental fitness tips, Activ8 Social Occasions, fitness and body composition testing, support and motivation.

Not only will you achieve your desired results with Activ8 but you will come out with increased confidence, like-minded friends, improved well-being and health plus tools to keep a healthy and well-balanced life for years to come.

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Our Activ8 team strive to be New Zealands leading Health and Fitness provider – giving you a personal and individual experience in order for you to achieve amazing results. We personally guarantee our health and fitness training.

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