Starts May 20th

Kickstart your results with our 7 Week Bootcamp

Are you looking to get fit, increase muscle tone and lose fat?

This is the Bootcamp for you! Every session is tailored to your stage of fitness and strength, with a mix of different exercises every time.

Our Bootcamp package is designed to increase your motivation, get you results and have fun all at the same time.

6am and 9.15am Monday, Wednesday, Friday

5.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

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7 week Bootcamp Package: Next Package starts 20th May 2024

  • Every 7 weeks- choose to come to as many sessions as you like, or opt for pay as you go
  • Qualified trainers tailor the session for your individual strength, fitness and injuries.
  • Group sizes limited, with 1-2 qualified trainers per session
  • Fun, varied and supportive workouts every Bootcamp
  • No matter your goal, age or fitness level- this package can be tailored for you


Unlimited 7 week Bootcamp Package $419:

  • The ultimate package to get you the best results. Come to as many Bootcamp sessions as you like over the 7 weeks.
  • If you’re looking for something to motivate you, someone to support you and 7 weeks to see results- this is the ideal package for you.

Weekly Membership $50/week:

Embrace a hassle-free fitness commitment with our Set & Forget weekly bootcamp payment option! Dedicate yourself to health and fitness by paying a fixed weekly amount of $50, granting you access to as many Bootcamp sessions as you desire each week. This not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to achieving your fitness goals.

*Conditions Apply:
Minimum 6 months
Payable regardless of attendance.
$249 cancellation fee applies if cancelled before 6 months
Bootcamps will be run every week from the 12th February- 20th December


10x Bootcamp Concession Card $240

This concession card is designed if you are planning to attend fewer than two Bootcamps per week, offering you the flexibility to choose your time and days. You can also use this card for our Small Group sessions and classes- this means you'll have the flexibility to use them interchangeably based on your preferences and schedule.

The card has a validity period of 6 months, allowing you to utilize sessions within that timeframe.


With every bootcamp you get:

  • Small groups: Limited to only 15 people to cater for different fitness, injury and strength levels.
  • Guaranteed results: Body composition, strength and fitness tests at the beginning and end of every package to measure and prove your results.
  • Fun, dynamic and motivating sessions: Designed to destruct fat, tone muscles and increase fitness.
  • Team environment and motivation: Ensuring you stick to your exercise and nutrition programme and make friends with like-minded individuals.
  • Qualified Personal Trainers at every session: We can adapt certain exercises for individual goals and injuries. Meet the team.
  • Individual nutrition feedback: We will keep you accountable and motivated to eat towards a healthier way of life

Venue: Activ8 Arena