How to boost Immunity

Immunity! Health! De-Stress! Supplements! Vitamins!

These are huge topics right now- and there is nothing new, but we are just more aware of these things at present.

So I want to keep it simple and let you know some basic things you can do to improve your Immunity right now.

1. Increase your immune- boosting nutrients

Try to make vegetables the main part of your meal, the more colourful your plate can be the better it is for you. The more varied vegetables, fruits and foods you can eat- the more nutrients you are going to get.

2. Zinc Intake

Most New Zealanders are deficient in Zinc due to our soil lacking this key nutrient. Eat oysters, nuts, seeds, fish, red meat and wholegrains. I also recommend a Zinc supplement to get your levels up to normal.

3. Vitamin C

As we head into Winter and aim to fight off viruses, colds and germs around it is essential we up our Vitamin C intake. Citrus fruit is great, but the following foods have more Vitamin C then oranges: Kiwifruit, Capsicum, Brussel sprouts and Chia Seeds- so snack on these raw to get the most out of them. Vitamin C powder or tablet is also a good idea to give kids to top them up, as well as yourself when feeling run down.

4. Vitamin A

These vitamins support the health of our respiratory tract and sinuses. Orange and Yellow vegetables are high in carotenes and Vitamin A- think pumpkin, oranges, carrott, squash and kumara.  The following also contain Vitamin A: Green leafy veges, egg yolk and salmon.

5. Take a multi-vitamin

If you are looking to increase your nutrient intake I recommend taking a high strength, high quality multi-vitamin to pick up those nutrients that we are either lacking in NZ soils, not consuming or low in. I recommend Be Pure supplements due to their quality, trusting products.

6. Exercise!

Continuing your exercise regimen is essential to keeping up your Immunity. To put it simply- when you exercise this puts stress on your body- your body then builds an immune response to this, enabling it to then have increased immunity when colds, flus and viruses hit.

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