Detox Salad

April 4, 2023


Miranda Harrison



40g lemon juice

20g olive oil

10g maple syrup

10g Tahini




40g spring onoins, roughly chopped

100g radishes, chopped

100g red apple, chopped

100 cauli, chopped

100g broccoli, chopped

90g de-stemmed kale, chopped

20g Olive oil

10g lemon juice


Avocado, diced 1cm.

1. Place all dressing ingredients in processor and blend. Transfer to jar and put aside.

2. Chop spring onions in food processor.

3. Add radish and red apple, chop.

4. Add above chopped ingredients to serving bowl.

5. Add cauli and broccoli to food processor, chop.

6. Add to serving bowl.

7. Add oil and lemon juice to kale and massage for a minute.

8. Add kale to serving bowl. Top with avocado.

9. Combine gently

*You can use a food processor or thermomix, or chop with knife to get desired consistency.

This salad is so much more than a detox salad- it will seriously blow your taste buds and well worth adding to your easily serve up for added greens at lunch or dinner.