50 simple ways to have a better day

November 8, 2023


Miranda Harrison

Let's get back to basics this week. If you want to have a better day, here are some of the simplest, most powerful (and science-backed!) ways to do so:

1. Wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time

  1. Set an intention on waking
  2. Get outside, wake up with daylight rather than artificial light
  3. Drink water, eat foods that nourish you
  4. Increase your heart rate for at least 20 minutes
  5. Identify 1-2 big tasks you want to get done that day
  6. Do one thing at a time
  7. Schedule short breaks in your day
  8. Take a walk in nature
  9. Move more
  10. Deal with one thing you're been avoiding
  11. Drink more water
  12. Lift weights
  13. Connect with someone
  14. Stretch
  15. Disconnect from work at the end of the day
  16. Put your phone away 30 minutes prior to bed
  17. Reflect on 3 good things that happened
  18. Complete 10 diaphragmatic breathes every hour
  19. Go to bed before 10pm

Take the gentle approach to better days. Pick one daily habit from the list above and stick to that for one week. As you feel like you have made it a daily habit- pick another one. Try not to beat yourself up if you don't do it everyday- just do it a little more every week and keep consistent in your new habit,