Do you want a holistic approach to your well-being?

Low energy levels? Slowing metabolism? Increased fat around the waist? High stress levels? Need support going through menopause?  Pre or Post Pregnancy? Activ8 has got a holistic approach to suit you and your goals.

Activ8 provides 1-1 consultations, Personal training sessions and an online facebook group to help you find the correct balance in life. There are many aspects that affect how your body moves, breathes and sleeps. Hormones; as well as what you eat, what type of exercise you do and what is going on in your life play important roles within your sleeping, metabolism and energy levels. And it is our job to find out what is going on in your body!

Find your optimal well-being state through Activ8s specialised Women’s Wellness consultations and Inspire Facebook group. We will look into your lifestyle and take a holistic approach to gaining you results in fat loss, increased energy levels and decreasing stress.