Willpower is NOT enough

Ok so we are half way through February, and by now 95% of those who made New Years resolutions have failed.  So why do most New Years resolutions fail?  Most believe it is because they lack the required WILLPOWER to achieve their goals and dreams.


My experience in the health and fitness industry has shown me that willpower will never be enough for long term success.  The definition of willpower is “control thoughts or behavior, or show restraint”.   The pressure these restraints put on your psych cause too much stress and eventually you fail or give in to temptation.

It is the wording we use and the mind games we play with ourselves that dooms us to failure.  What we need to do to be successful with New Year resolutions (or any goal) is create habits that will put you on the path to success.

For example, your goal is to lose weight, your New year resolution maybe to stop eating crap food, and exercise 3 times per week.  Now every time you break these New Year resolutions your subconscious is telling you, you failed. Eventually it becomes too much- you can not be bothered and you are back to living your life how you normally do – meaning no results and no change.  Now I bet if you forgot the goal to lose weight – and instead focus energy on creating some habits that become part of your day to day life, or week to week life, you would be able to get the results you want.  Once you have establish these habits and they become second nature, they don’t require any will power, they don’t bring any stress to your life and your subconscious is not telling you that you are a failure.


First habits that I suggest is move every day.  That may mean joining an exercise class, bootcamp, running club, sport team etc.  Joining a gym is not enough (for most of us), statistics show that most will not continue regular gym visits after 1-3 months.  You need to find something that has the accountability, the support, the knowledge, the connection and the expertise that you need.  Even better if you can do it with family members, or friends.  Ok so now you have joined a class – that’s a great start but a 1 hr work out is only 4% of you day, the other 96% of the day is still important.  Start to move more- if you have a sedentary job make it part of your resolution/goal not to sit for more than one hour.  Park further away from work, do some press-ups in the morning when you wake up, go for a quick walk around the block- anything, just MOVE.

We have many different options at Activ8 that are fun, supportive and motivational in which you can come along and get your first session free: https://www.activ8nz.co.nz/fitness-classes/

“We become what we repeatedly do.”

Obviously the other habit that would lead to long term health (and thus the weight will fall), is healthy food habits.  Pick one or two changes at a time.  Live it and make it second nature.  You will find after a few weeks of practicing good habits they will become part of your life. If you need support in this area we have created a Facebook group for extra support- Inspire Mind, Body, Health. Through this we encourage and help you create healthy habits into your everyday life. To read more about this read this:  https://www.activ8nz.co.nz/news/inspire-body-mind-health-activ8/


“Save your willpower for your work outs.  Create life long habits that will make your life better”  Matt Harrison