Top 5 training tips ‘when you have not trained enough for a half marathon’

So it has come to my attention following my last post that there is a lot of people who enter half marathons and then 2 weeks prior the event realize- oh shit- I have not done enough training! So here are some tips for you:


You entered the event, you set yourself a challenge and you may or may not have been striving towards it. Life gets in the way, we get busy, we enjoy food, we enjoy drink…and we just haven’t been able to fit the training in. Whoops! But congrats for entering and setting the challenge. That is the first step, and may have been the only step you have taken (haha like the pun!?) towards this event- but who cares- you set that goal.


So there is no tapering involved when you have not actually trained…don’t worry when you have not done any running, you do not need to let the body rest and recover 2 weeks out from the event. Instead- you may like to go for a run? Anything you do now will help- for your body and mind going into the race. You could ofcourse do nothing and just wing it…..but it will make you feel better if you do at least a 8-10km in the weekend, then a 5km on Monday and Tuesday, then maybe a walk on Wednesday and Thursday. You can do your tapering on Friday…rest and relax.


When booked in to do any event- you need to take full advantage. Go and get as many massages as you can- feel like you are an athlete, ask them to massage you IT Bands and Hip flexors…if it’s painful just grit your teeth and go with it….it is good for you, and your punishment for not training. You might need to pre-book physio- as when running 21km or more 42km…without enough training you are most likely to injure yourself and even pull a muscle. But that’s ok – it will improve, and if you have booked in a physio they will give you all the help you need to prepare for your next event!!!


No- this does not mean beer, wine, coffee or spirits (even if this is mixed with soda water!). This means WATER aka H20. The stuff that every cell in our body needs. You may have only had one cup in the 52 hours, but it is not too late to hydrate. Drink the stuff like the world is running out. If you can hydrate for the 2 weeks leading up to your event, your body will work at a more optimal rate then it would without- so drink more water. And please, just for the weekend before the race- don’t go out on the town until 2am….you can do that after your race.

Green Smoothies are an awesome way to get some water, nutrients and greens into your diet!


This is your time to carbo load- no, not 2 weeks prior, but maybe the night before. Make the most of having some pasta, brown rice, kumara, lasagne…with extra protein- meat, eggs and LOADS of green veges. And post- run…this is the best, your bodies metabolism will be high, your blood sugars will be low- so make the most of eating what you want. Because of course on Monday you will be going back to your gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, meat free, everything free diet- like you had been building up to this event. Ofcourse- you may have not trained, but your nutrition has been perfect- right?…the lighter you are the faster you’ll be- right? Oh ok, well if you nutrition has been pies and KFC the past 6 weeks, then maybe over the next 2 weeks you can aim to have green veges with your dinners, aim to have some fruit for a snack and maybe a real steak to increase Iron levels…the more iron we have in our bodies the more energy we will have…..yes- energy- you will need it!

These Salted caramel bliss balls or Bountyliscious Slice will be amazing post-run…..



This is going to be your best friend. If you have not done the training- don’t worry! Whatever you do- don’t pull out. Worst of all you can walk- you can enjoy the scenery much more PLUS chat and get to know the person running past you, or with you. Something those people who have trained and up the front don’t do. It’s no fun up there! Instead think your way through. Visualize yourself completing the event- and enjoying it. For more info on this check out the visualization bit in my last post:

This is good stuff- you can train your mind to get through the race, this imagery actually creates synapses within your body to help you run, or finish the race. So just thinking about your event over the next 2 weeks (yes the more the better) will help you prepare shitloads…and I highly recommend this.

Anyway- I hope you are feeling better prepared for your non-prepared run in a few weeks. And remember- enjoy it, don’t worry how much or how little training you have or have not done, it is now that counts and now that is going to help you get there.

Miranda xo

And please when you next enter an event- get in touch with us for support, motivation and a training plan