Testimonial: Soraya Te Iringa

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        BEFORE                                                          AFTER

     2015:  115KG                                                2016: 85KG

Soraya Te Iringa

Fulltime working mother of two children

“In February 2015 I found myself at the biggest I had ever been, weighing a round 115kg, all my clothes were too tight, I would sit in ways that would try and hide my tummy and  I was really depressed about my self image to the point that I was making excuses not to go anywhere, I would also say things like I had “no time” to exercise because I worked full time and had children to look after.

I remember the day I realised something had to change and that it was up to me to make this change not only for myself but for my husband and two children.  I have tried many ways in the past to get weight off but it would always creep back, I was determined that it wasn’t going to happen this time.

I started off slowly just walking with friends after work and immediately changing what I was eating and how I was eating, slowly my weight was dropping and I gained more confidence to join a gym and try different group classes and boxing. I found like minded people and have made many really good friends along the way.  I found I started prioritising myself and that there was a way to do this in my busy life, the more confident I got the more I tried different ways to challenge myself.

I found that in order for me to achieve my health goals was to surround myself with positive people and have a positive mind-set.  I was invited by a family member to try a PT session at Activ8 in December 2015 shortly after this session I realised that this was the type of training I needed to do to go the next level.

I have been doing the Activ8 Boot camps since the start of 2016, since February 2015-June 2016 I have dropped over 36kgs, I am getting close to my goal weight which is exciting.  I don’t hide away anymore and have found a new love for clothes shopping and getting active, I have completed a few runs like the Wild Kiwi in April 2016  that I would have never thought I could do/achieve and I have taken the whole foods approach to eating. I highly recommend the team at Activ8 and the culture they have created  towards health and fitness in Whangarei.

I realise that this is a way of life, not a short term fix/fad, that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the support of my whanau/family, friends, work colleagues, the various gyms I have attended and the Activ8 team.  I am a huge supporter of challenging and change, keep mixing things up, keep researching and share what you have learnt with others trying to achieve their goals. This isn’t just a one size fits all when is comes to health, fitness and wellbeing or a secret but a life long journey to self fulfilment and happiness”