Striving for Greatness – again….1 year on

Well those that are new to Activ8 within the last year might not realise the dumb stuff I do every now and then- I call it having no fear, most call it just being an idiot. If we rewind to just over a year ago, my goal was to strive for greatness and achieve a Burpee-Backflip; well that kinda ended up with me smashing my knee to pieces basically, requiring 2 surgeries over 3 months and including another knee reconstruction. Read about my struggle here

1st alignment surgery

I had already had a ACL reconstruction in the same knee 8 years ago, but because I had done it again and even worse this time, rehab would take me 1 year until I was ‘allowed’ to do every exercise again. So what have I learnt and where to now for lil ol Shayno?

I don’t know if our mindset is the same but when you can’t do something- all you want to do is that one thing your not allowed to, I guess it’s like when your mum as a kid said you can’t do something and you just did it anyway – no just me, ok. So for me this was running. I never liked running and never will like running, but because I couldn’t run that is all I wanted to do. As you all know I’m a little height impaired, so the bulky weight I was carrying never allowed me to be the best runner aesthetically and bio-mechanically. So over the past year I have completely changed my mindset on how I see myself and what my goals are. Fast forward to today, I’ve rehabed, I’ve worked hard, I’ve shredded out 10kg of unneeded bulk and am the fittest I’ve ever been – without losing too much strength. I run a lot, most of it offroad and up hills and damn it feels good, I don’t necessarily enjoy it, but it feels good to be back.

So for those that come up to me and say they have an injury or had surgery particularly the knee and say they can never run or jump again and I smile or laugh at you now you know why. Excuses and laziness is all it is, if you work for it anything is possible, if you don’t you can cry in your own self pity but you wont get any sympathy from me until you have tried your best to rectify it – just being honest. Yes it might take up to a year of hard rehab and seeing everyone pass you by but you can get back to where you were and what you were doing. Or if you are like me, it created a drive that has made me way better than I ever have been. You have to be able to mentally and physically come to terms that you need to look after yourself, but not stop, let it become a stepping stone to creating a burning desire to get back to or better than you ever have been. We’ve all had injuries but how we deal with them is very dependent on the person you are. If you roll over and use it as an excuse to stop everything then that’s just weak, you’ve basically given up on yourself – harsh but true. You need to move, physio is very important, and if you baby it,  it can actually become worse.


Muay Thai Camp in Thailand

So remember at the start of this blog I said I do dumb stuff every now and then – well its time to do some more dumb stuff again. In March, Amz and I are off to Phuket, Thailand for 2 weeks to partake in one of their infamous Muay Thai kickboxing camps. If you’re not sure what Muay Thai is youtube it, its pretty brutal. Muay Thai, MMA, Jujitsu, Crossfit are just a few things we will be putting ourselves through up to 5 hrs a day and did I mention its in Thailand- so 40degree heat with no aircon. This will be a whole new experience for the both of us, but we are willing to push our bodies to the absolute extremes to see how far they can go. I can’t wait for a trained Thai fighter whose being doing it since birth to be kicking me straight in the knee I’ve just rehabed and got back to full strength – see what I mean by doing dumb stuff.

The Burpee Backflip goal I will put on the backburner just for now, so whats the next goal then you ask?

For those that have read my blogs before and going by the burpee backflip know I don’t make easy goals for myself so whats my new one – Half Ironman (2km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run). Kai Iwi lakes Triathlon done and dusted time for the real training to start. To finish I’ll say it again- it’s a new year, strive for your own individual greatness, stop coming up with crappy little body goals and strive for something that is an actual achievement – body goals will come with it. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as mine just push yourself to something you thought you could never do. 2019 could be a year you never forget.