Sponsor Caleb – Change his life

Calebs’ story:  Caleb’s impairment is Left Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. This means Caleb’s left side of his body is very weak and struggles with every day functions like dressing, eating, writing, running and catching. His goals are to be able to play rugby, (catch the ball and run fast enough to tackle), swim, surf and just be like his friends.  He loves to write and illustrate stories in his down time. Due to this frustrating impairment he can get very down some days when his arm/hand will not do as he would like.

He was born with Hydrocephalus (abnormal amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) around the brain) this in turn caused the Cerebral Palsy as the fluid build up damaged the right side of this brain. He now has a VP Shunt inserted to control the CSF drainage.


How did we meet Caleb?  Calebs mum- Erin approached us, a couple of weeks ago and explained his story- asking if our training would suit him and improve his movements for everyday life and sports. My response was that it absolutely would! After discussing in more detail Calebs’ impairment and how it affects his whole life- from co-ordination, self-confidence, ability and school life, I realised how important it was that he do some type of training. Listening to what goals he has and how willing he was to do the training inspired me to make to this possible for him. Currently he only gets a small amount funded for this type of activity, which is not nearly enough to make a difference.



Calebs Package:

Caleb will be training with Curtis, every Wednesday and Friday at 8am for 30 minutes before school. This training will help to restore the brain signals & strength(to his left side), fitness and help him have an overall positive outlook on life.

I want to sponsor- Sponsor Caleb today!  Any sponsorship will help Caleb. Activ8 is sponsoring Caleb as much as we can to cover costs but we still need some support for him to carry on his 6 week package and make a difference to his life long-term. We are also looking into getting some support programmes and systems going for others with similar impairments.

If you are interested in sponsoring, simply click the link above and we will be in touch with bank account details. You can sponsor as little or as much as you like- this money will all be put towards helping Caleb train 2x week for as many weeks as possible.


Sponsor $1 a week for a year= $52. We would only need 20 more people to sponsor Caleb and he will be able to do a 1 year package! This will improve so much of his co-ordination, strength, fitness, confidence, happiness and overall life. Which I know he would be very grateful for.

We will keep you updated with his training and progress on this blog and social media.

Any questions or to sponsor Caleb today- please follow link click here to sponsor Caleb