Its simple. Enjoy life.

We are getting very caught up in how we should be living our lives. There are so many different readings, research, books and presenters out there saying what we should be eating, how we should be breathing, what we should be doing, what we should be saying inside our heads, what we shouldn’t be saying, how we should be acting ….you get the drift! And I read all this as well- I think it can be beneficial and is good to put into everyday life- little, everyday things can have a huge impact on our day to day living. But are we focusing too much on all these things rather then just enjoying what we currently have and are currently doing?

Sometimes adding things to our ‘to-do’ list can actually be more harmful then good. If you are wanting to change your life in some way it is important to make small daily changes…..try not to say “right tomorrow I am going to meditate in the morning, drink lemon juice before breakfast, eat organic and cut out sugar, stay calm all day, go for a run, then do some stretching”. Firstly- look at what you do everyday and see how you can fit the things in that are most important to you and are going to get you to that wellness peak. For example…if you are wanting to run a marathon- is going for a walk really the best thing you could do? No…go for a run. If you are wanting to decrease stress- is watching TV every night going to decrease this? No….turn it off, and instead do some breathing, reading or relaxing. (watching TV increases cortisol levels and decreases your ‘night time hormone’ melatonin). If you are feeling tired with no energy- go to bed earlier. These all sound very simple, straight forward things- but we do not do them. So have a think about what is really important to you and look at your day to make sure you are prioritizing this, over other things that don’t benefit you or your health.

When we want to add in healthy habits, we don’t suddenly get more hours in the day to do this. Try and add these into your everyday life. For example- mindfulness, is all the go at the moment and there is a lot of research to prove just how beneficial this actually is for our bodies in the lives we currently live. We can practice this anywhere, and hopefully the more often you do it the more natural it will become. If we don’t get time to mediate, try and focus on tasks at hand as you do them. For example- when eating breakfast- focus on what you are eating, taste what you are eating, focus on your chewing, focus on how you feel, enjoy, relish and be thankful for having food on your plate. You can do it when hanging out the washing- focus on the pegs, note the colours, note the smell and sounds around you, be thankful for the good times had in these clothes over the day and the dirt that has got on them. See hanging out the washing as a time to be mindful – rather then seeing it as a chore and an extra thing you have to do. This is not only giving you a time to be mindful and appreciate your surroundings, but it is also getting it done- often we just need to perceive things in a different way.

So the next thing you go to do after reading this- just give it a go- be mindful in what you are doing, and make sure you are doing the things in your day that are leading you towards your happiness and you visions. As well as priorities being aligned towards your morals and purpose in life.