Shayne’s 5 Things – What Trainers Hate Hearing From A Client

This may come across a little controversial but I’m going to be completely honest and tell you how it is. All I want to do is give the trainers perspective and hopefully get something stored in your head for when next time you want to say one of these things. 


1. I can’t come I’m getting my hair done

Sorry ladies this one is all on you. Being a male I guess we can’t understand the luxury and complexity of having our hair done (unless your trainer is Curtis Cherrington he definitely understands). But seriously ladies, cancelling a session to have your hair done, wow!! I get that it’s something nice to do, time to yourself and something for you- but booking it at a time your session is planned for, that tells me your goals are not important enough to train. If you are serious about achieving results you will find a way to make it work. All that money you spend on getting it done, I’m just going to ruin it and make it all sweaty etc the next session anyway.

2. Injuries

This is a biggy.  It’s our job to provide a safe environment and put practices in place so that injuries are minimised as much as possible while a client is doing exercise.  We also have a telepathic way of knowing if you are using injuries as an excuse! Make sure you listen to us when we give you technique instructions- we cannot magically transport ourselves into the clients body/muscles/tendons/ligaments/organs, so make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. The body is a complex thing- there can be something underlying just ready to happen, we don’t know and these things do just happen, but if you do the correct the technique (and watch correct demonstration) this minimises your risk.  We as trainers are not immune, (ask Jill our physio) we have injuries too. A trainer will give options if they know something is potentially wrong and we always recommend clients do what we say in order to avoid further damage. We at Activ8 have enough experience and knowledge to know what we prescribe is right and correct- but it is important to listen to your body- if it does not feel right, then ask for an alternative exercise or for us to check technique.

3. You said you can guarantee results but I havn’t got them

99% of our clients gain results, but to the ones who aren’t getting results- I’m just going to be brutal with this. You and your trainer would have put strategies in place for you to achieve realistic goals, so if you don’t get results that is not the trainers fault, harsh but needs to be said. Your trainer might see you for 3 hrs a week- they are not there for the other 165 hrs to hold your hand or keep your mouth shut. You can train your butt off with a trainer and eat perfect during the week but then go binge drink and eat horribly on the weekend- that is not the trainers fault. If you only do 1 hr of exercise and don’t get results -that is not the trainers fault. If you train 5 days a week but eat bad and don’t get results- that is not the trainers fault. Remember 70% of your results are what you put in your mouth and we aren’t there to manage that (sorry we can’t come and live with you!).  So be honest, take ownership of your own life/goals and stop shifting blame. We love seeing clients who fill in food diaries and be honest with what they are eating, and the amount of exercise they are doing- that way if results are not happening we can look into why not and make a change in order for them to get results.

4. I can’t do it

Why can’t you do it? Usually it’s you don’t want to do it. You will hear your trainer say ‘cant’s not a word’ or something similar all the time, and we mean it. As a trainer I’m never going to give you something you are not capable of doing, it might take a few goes or a few attempts but it is always going to be achievable (if by chance I’m wrong, which trainers never are, I’ll be the first to admit my mistake and take it back). When you have been training for a long time there is a law called progressive overload -what this means basically is you need to keep challenging/increasing the exercise/rep/set/weight etc. So for some clients this means increased reps/sets/weights to keep challenging the body or else you get nowhere – plateau. Your mind always gives up before your body does. So next time you want to say I can’t do it, think in your head do you really mean ‘I don’t want to do it or attempt it’?

5. I don’t have time to exercise

The ol’ classic excuse. Yes this may be true for personal training and bootcamp but there is always time to be physically active. There is 168 hrs in a week and you cannot allocate every single hour of that to something productive? You can give me every excuse you want but there’s no way you can convince me there’s no time to even do a 12 minute  session a few times a week. It can even be body weight in the comfort of your own home. As soon as you have this attitude or ponder saying I don’t have any time to exercise you have already doomed yourself. “But I’m a stressed businessman” or “I’m a mum, plus I work” – we all have our struggles- be creative and find time to yourself (you will be a better businessman and an even better Mum by doing this) a 10 min walk is still better than nothing. I bet you that businessman still has an hr lunch break, and kids do sleep at some stage! If you have goals and you deep down want to achieve them you will find a way.

All of these are from no client in particular or any trainer in particular, its just what we have heard and experienced over the years of personal training.

Start talking positive to yourself today to make healthier, lifelong decisions tomorrow.