Shayne’s 5 Key Tips-Sustaining great nutrition long-term (without even mentioning food)

It is coming to that time of year again where everyone wants to start getting that ‘summer body’ all prepped and ready to go- and probably great timing as we have just started a clean eating challenge. It is ok knowing what food to eat but that still doesn’t mean you will be able to sustain it. I’m going to share with you the 5 best tips to sustain great nutrition long term without even mentioning food.


My Food Bag / Muscle Fuel

Now I love this on so many levels. What My Food Bag is if you are unaware is a convenient and hassle-free way of getting your dinners sorted. How many of you get home from work and think – I can’t be bothered cooking and don’t know what to cook so I’ll just do this and that because it’s easy. My Food Bag is easy- you just jump onto their website and go to the lite version for 5 days and order more than how many people are eating at home eg if 2 adults order for 3-4 people. By doing this you will have left overs- so lunches are then sussed as well as being completely nutritious designed by Nadia Lim herself. Oh and did I mention they deliver it right to your door with recipes and everything all included? Muscle Fuel works on the same concept however their meals are pre-cooked so all you have to do is heat them up. This takes the hassle out of cooking and thinking about what to eat- and lunches and dinners are already sorted. If you stop you still have all the recipes and you can then just carry it on yourself and buy your own ingredients from the supermarket – how good is that.

Write a list before going to the Supermarket
Sounds simple right? But do you do it. If you know anyone that has ever studied marketing or is in the marketing profession, you will know that all the best marketers work in the food industry.  Now I’m definitely not having a go at supermarkets this is just the way it is, marketers and implementers’ will always put the most desirable foods at eye level and wherever you have to wait eg. what is always at the checkouts? chocolates. So how do you combat this? (I suggest wait in the confectionery-free isle) PLUS Write a list and know your supermarket. If you have a regular supermarket you use, you should start to know where everything is located so if you write your shopping list beforehand and enter the supermarket with tunnel vision then you have a much higher chance of not being tempted. Also try and shop the outside isles of the supermarket- all the fresh fruit, veges and meat are located here without those temptations!

Commercial Weight-loss Clinics
Ohhh the controversial one – now this is my own opinion- I hate them and feel free to come and debate it with me. I’m not going to name any of these, but you can probably figure out who I mean. Don’t get me wrong these have worked for a lot of people and some have had great success……..But…….WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STOP?? What happens when you go back to regular foods or start eating something that isn’t portion controlled? My title isn’t how to have great nutrition for 2 months- its about long-term, I’m talking forever. What these companies do to simplify things is calorie count, and to an extent that is right but where they go wrong is they don’t go in-depth on how those calories are made up (Macronutrient make-up) eg. heaps of starchy carbs with little protein for dinner, that is a massive no no even if it fits your daily calories. You see so much of their food saying 99% fat free -so damn what – it’s made up of added sugar that is so much worse for you. I won’t go on for too long on this one I’ll leave you with this: How many times have you heard someone say ‘I lost so much weight doing (unnamed clinic) but then put it all back on and need to go back on it again???? – Just saying.

My Fitness Pal
We all need to get with the times and in today’s world this means apps. If you have never heard of MyFitness Pal you need to look into it. What this app does is provide you with a platform to have a fancy food diary and calorie counter in one made easy. Download it on your phone enter your current weight and desired weight with gender age etc then it will determine all your figures. We usually all have our phone on us so it’s simple you eat something look it up on the app with the quantity and instantly your calories are there – and if you can’t find the food you ate you scan the barcode and immediately all the info is there. So with a few seconds of your time it’s all there for you to see not only making you accountable but also accurately counting calories and breakdown of your Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. If your still not sure but are interested come chat to me and I’ll show you through it – you will love it.

Go to the markets on a Saturday morning
Now why I say this is there is something about being amongst the market environment. Whangarei is well known in all of New Zealand for having one of the best farmers markets in the country. Turning up on a Saturday morning there is something about being surrounded by majority of only fresh fruit and veges; there’s something that flicks a switch in your subconscious to want to eat amazing and think of endless healthy recipes you could cook this food with. By turning up early on a weekend (to most people a day off work and a sleep in) shows your dedication to your health. Just think who wins- the person who gets a sleep in then goes to McDonalds for breakfast or the person who wakes up early, has the pick of fresh fruit and veges for the following week with the mindset of a healthy living – yea I get it could be a split decision but that will show who is dedicated to health and who isn’t.