Nunc Tempus Acceptabile “Today is the accepted time”

I love this quote- for one day your heart will stop beating, you will not taste, smell, breathe, touch or feel- and none of your fears will matter. What will matter is the way you have lived your life. Wouldn’t it be great to look back and be thankful for all that you have had, all that you have accomplished in life and all that you have given back?

Now is the time to act- act on the tiny wee thoughts that you dream about doing, act on the things that make you happy- and keep repeating them, act on the thoughts that you think- and tell your loved ones. By doing these small acts everyday- you will be a happy and healthier person. You may have heard the quote “enjoy the small things in life- as one day you will look back and these were the big things”. All the small things that you do everyday are the things that are going to make you happy. You could have the most expensive car, the latest i-phone, the biggest house and designer clothes- but this is still not going to make you happy. It is said that material items make you happy for only a few days; compared to experiences, health and surrounding yourself with family, friends and positive people. The last 5 things are going to keep you happy for life and continue to bring you joy day after day.

Health is one thing that you can act on today to ensure you are happier tomorrow. When you include small habits in your everyday you will see the difference. My favourites are as follows:

  1. Stretch- use this time to listen to how your body is feeling and to take a few moments to yourself. Are there any niggles or pain anywhere? How are your energy levels? What are the thoughts going through your head? (write these down, acknowledge them and then let them go) What emotions are you feeling at present.
  2. Drink more water- we should be drinking 3 ml/ kg of body weight. So for example an 80 kg person needs to drink 2.4 L of water. And this is without exercise- so the base line. If exercising you need to drink at least a litre more depending on intensity. Keeping your body hydrated means all your body processes can work better, you feel more alert and energised and it helps to eliminate toxins (to mention just a few!)
  3. Exercise Daily- listen to what your body needs and align it to your health goals. My recommendation for general health and well being is 2x resistance workouts (weights, body weight exercise), 3x cardio based sessions (running, boxing, hill walking, cardio sports), 2x restorative practise (yoga, stretching, tai chi, bush walking)
  4.  Increase your greens- by slowly increasing the amount of greens in your diet as well as decreasing the processed foods this will increase your vitmains, minerals and overall nutrient intake. There are so many reasons to do this- fat loss, toxin elimination, increased energy levels, increased immunity, increased muscle mass, disease prevention…and the list goes on.  Eat more greens. Fullstop.

What can you do today that is going to be make you feel happier tomorrow? Think about the few things I have mentioned above within the health category- and do one thing that you think may make a difference.


There are many different areas you could look at within your life – but it is good to just question them now and then to make sure you are living in the present- and acting on the things that make you happy.

“Nunc Tempus Acceptabile- Today is the accepted time”