Movement Emergency


We are exhausted and stressed out”

So we invite you to take some time out for yourself with Personal Training. To move. To exercise. To stretch. To take time away from your day to day stressors for just an hour – and focus on your health, happiness and wellbeing.


“We are not prioritizing our health”

So we invite you to refocus on whats important.  To rediscover your goals with your own personal trainer on where you want to be and how you want to get there. Exploring your needs, desires and values, so you can restore more personal balance in your life.

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“Our minds are cluttered by constant distractions.”

So we invite you to completely relax with Vinni and his Yoga sessions twice weekly.  To enjoy the present by being tech free for an hour, focusing inwards and on your body with no distractions. Stretching, breathing and becoming more flexible.

Fitness Classes

“Our bodies are in distress, because we are not taking care of our daily movement.”

So we invite you to reconnect with moving- with what we were born to do. Join us 3x per week with our outdoor bootcamps to move. To use our muscles to gain strength, making our heart beat to increase fitness and to get our blood flowing to elimiate toxins. Movement is life. If we are not moving, slowly our bodies will give up on us.


“Our minds need more social connection”

So we invite you to join our Activ8 Family. To join a class that is fitted for your fitness, strength, age, budget and lifestyle. To meet other like-minded people. To make friends. To connect. To talk to one another and to laugh!

Fitness Classes

We invite you to move more. To start today. To prioritize you, your health and your happiness.

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