Mother and Daughter Challenge

Lose Weight, Have Fun And Win a Pamper package with the Mother and Daughter Challenge

When? Starts July 25th

Whats included?

6 weeks of your own exercise (can be done through Activ8 or on your own), Weekly challenges, Fitness testing, Nutrition feedback and recipes for the family, Support and motivation over Winter,

Lose weight, increase fitness, increase overall exercise and feel confident about your body.

The Activ8 Mother Daughter Challenge is back- 2016 Participants said:

“This was great motivation to do more execrise”

“I needed this to get me back on track with results- and it was fun!”

“Great bonding with my daughter as well as having a positive focus on exercise”

When you are part of our 6 week Mother Daughter Challenge, you gain access to our facebook group- giving you support and motivation, fitness and body composition testing before and after, weekly challenges, vouchers to attend Activ8 classes, the chance to win spot prizes plus the main award of a Pamper Package.

Weekly challenges include: Park run, Gymnastics, Mt Manaia, Stretching and Yoga plus 3 more activities.

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