How morning routines can make you more successful

A morning routine can set you up for the day- increase energy levels, increase productivity and creativity, increased confidence and clarity, and an increased feeling of calm and control. I have experienced times when I have had morning routines and times when not- and the difference to my day is incredible. It takes some practice getting a routine sorted- but once you have found what works for you- it is easy to stick to and you will FEEL the difference within yourself, and then SEE the difference in your daily success. This success may be in your work production, daily happiness, relationships or just in general- its worth getting one in practice (whether it be 5 minutes or 1 hour!)

After watching some TED talks and reading about others morning routine these were the ones that stood out to me- either the people and/or their routine (all American sorry!), so I hope it inspires you as well.  They know that their personal priorities are worth more than other people’s priorities- and this is why they choose to have some ‘me’ time really early on.

Barack Obama starts his day at 7.30am with a workout- alternating between strength and cardio days to gain the balance. He doesn’t drink much coffee- but instead with his breakfast he drinks green tea, orange juice or water. He has breakfast with his wife and daughter, and helps his daughter pack her school bag. His night-time routine involves having his own time from 10 pm (when his wife goes to bed) to 1am and in that time planning for his next day.



Jennifer Aniston(Actor) wakes up at 4.30am every morning. She drinks hot water and lemon, washes her face with water and meditates for 20 minutes. She then meets her Personal trainer and does spin, high intensity exercises and finishes with Yoga.



Steve Jobs (late Apple CEO)

Jobs spent his mornings re-evaluating his work and desires.  Jobs said, “For the past 33 years I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”




Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder of Facebook), Wakes at around 8am (after going to sleep at 12pm),  Checks facebook to see whats happening in the world, goes for a walk or a run, then gets dressed in the same clothes every day- this is one less thing to think about.



Tony Robbins (Self help writer and motivational speaker), Does an “Hour of Power” every morning, which includes motivational sayings and visualization. He wakes up, has a hot bath then jumps in a cold plunge. He takes time for gratitude for 3 things. He meditates- if he has an hour it will be an hour, or if time is short it will be 2minutes. He thinks about his 3 to thrive.”These things do the following- the first is a neurology state change, the second is emptying the mental cache- you cant feel worried about anything in the world if you are feeling grateful for everything. The third is imagining perfection and abundance in your life. And the fourth is thinking about the daily steps you are going to take to accomplish the 3 things that you want most today.



Jeff Bezoa (CEO of Amazon), Bezos has said he hates early morning meetings. He prefers to wake up at the same time every morning.  Stay home and have a healthy breakfast with his family. He connects with his wife and children. Then plans his day ahead before he walks out the door.



So after reading a few of these, plus watching a few more TED talks I have been inspired to start my own morning routine:

  1. 6am: Wake (don’t look at phone or check facebook!), Open the curtains and a window, Breathe
  2. Boil kettle, Do some stretches and breathing exercises, Think of 3 things that I am grateful for
  3. 6.15am: Hot water and lemon drink, sit down with diary and plan day ahead- having a list of 3 things (Thou I want to write down 10!) that I want to accomplish. If children awake by then- I will put this later in the morning.
  4. 6.30am: Daughters are normally awake by then- (if I’m lucky to have fitted in the above!) I really like to spend this time with them- hugging and talking, before getting started for the day.

To develop your own morning routine think about what is going to fit in with your lifestyle. Plan it so you will stick to it and it is not too much more effort. By adding in some small changes and routine this may be all that you need to get more success in your life and feel better during your day. Eg. getting up 20 minutes earlier to go for a walk or do some exercise, having a cup of tea in bed every morning while reading newspaper, taking 5 minutes out of your ‘morning rush’ to wash your face, think positive and do some breathing exercises. You may think this is all luxury and ‘wouldn’t that be nice’. But the reality is- we can make the change and develop a routine that is going to fit in with our mornings in order to start the day off right- just by deciding you are going to do it and practising it every morning!


I also noted that these were the main things included in peoples routines:

  1. Waking at the same time every morning
  2. Exercising first thing
  3. Spending quality time with family
  4. Planning for the day ahead
  5. Being thankful
  6. Meditating