Mirandas Boxing Journey: Week Four

4 weeks down and 8 weeks to go. The last 2 weeks have had its ups and downs- I am loving the training and have loved having a mission for each individual training session- to get fit and learn how to box! But the past 4 weeks of training are starting to take its toll on my body- sore muscles plus the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion by the end of the week. As I always tell my clients- having the right mix of everything is the key to living a healthy plus energised life, and this is what I have to keep reminding myself. As of this week my days have been planned into hours which I know will help me keep the balance: training, sleeping, rest and restoration, family and friend time and work. The aim is to have a balance in these things and then my body and mind will feel fulfilled at the end of the week.

personal trianing whangareiThis past week has been a mix of bag work, hill sprints, sparring and H.I.I.T workouts with a trainer. I did a few H.I.I.T sessions on my own but have quickly found out- I am like any other person and that I work better with a trainer. So Hannah Russel (our newest member of the Activ8 team) has been taking me through some sessions. Having someone there to plan my sessions so all I need to think of is exercising, to push me to my upper limits and to time my rest breaks- and get me started when that minute is up is the way to go.


Sparringboxing has been awesome- My 5.30am sessions with Corinne Austin are definitely paying off- every week we are learning more about the sport of Boxing- I have come to realise its not just about throwing punches…its like a game of chess. The defence is important but so is the attack of planning the punches, the combinations and the retaliation. Then you also have to think about what your legs are doing, where your head is and how your whole body is moving- I am loving the challenge of learning something completely new. Since high school I have stuck to the sports that I know and love- netball, squash and running. But since learning boxing and facing my fear of getting in the ring I have come to realise the determination, the energy, the enthusiasm and the commitment that come from striving to learn a new sport- within 11 weeks! It has made me think of taking up a new sport every couple of years- just to get that buzz and avoid complacency. The coaching I have been having from Kenny and Joe have also been highly beneficial- sparring against a range of others and getting punched- in the head, stomach and nose, is all becoming a lot more tolerable then the first week- and I am now able to shake it off and throw a punch back- which is a milestone that I am very happy to get to….and one that wondered if i would ever get to!!

FloatzoneAs I mentioned above the rest days are just as important as the work days. So – luckily it was my birthday- and I got treated to a massage from Authentic Thai Massage, a Float from Floatzone and a few Epsom Salt and Lavender baths. These are all very important for the recovery of muscles and mind. I am also very aware that there are lots of bugs going around so keeping myself in the top physical condition I can is so important- I can’t afford time off for an injury or sickness. So I think I will continue to treat myself to these things over the next 7 weeks. As Dr.Libby always says- it is important to stimulate your PNS (restore and relax) nervous system rather then always stimulating the SNS (flight or fight) nervous system. Doing things like abdominal breathing, being mindful -especially while eating, moving slowly, stretching, focusing on tasks at hand, lighting candles, doing yoga,  and listening to music are all things that I am being conscious to do every day.  This decreases adrenaline and cortisol that are being produced from the H.I.I.T workouts and the sparring, and increases the ‘feel good’ hormones.

group trianing


I am looking forward to this week with more training, more learning, more fitness and more pushing. My next blog I will be talking about motivation techniques as the weeks set in, as well as my inspirational person.

This is a great quote that is awesome to think about during workouts when things get hard and when you need to motivation to keep on going.