Mirandas’ Boxing Journey: Debrief and Results

12 weeks, 115 hours of training, sleepless nights, sore muscles, dedication, commitment and preparation, facing fears and achieving goals, winning was the icing on the cake- and it has now all come to and end.

The Dark Side:


It is now 3 days post fight- and I am still on a high. Getting in the ring, completing the fight and then winning totally blew my expectations- I can’t even explain what it felt like….and I hardly even remember to be honest! But my first topic is going to be on the Dark Side of the boxing journey. I was lucky enough to have a really positive experience over the last 12 weeks, but after meeting a range of different people; sparring with different friends and learning what everyone has gone through post-match, I have learnt that it is not all roses and apple-blossoms. As in life- you can get thrown lemons and you just have to find a way to deal with it. There are always going to be obstacles and things that get in your way to make it hard for you to achieve goals, and sometimes passimpossible- and this has happened to a few friends who I made along the way. Aspects such as sickness after weeks and weeks of training and hours of commitment, then not being able to fight. Your opposition pulling out- and then you either having to fight someone who is not your match or not having a fight at all. Getting injured and not being able to recover quick enough- knowing you will harm your body if you do, and having to make that decision. Getting knocked out during the fight. Getting a broken nose or broken ribs during the fight. Opponent being way better then you and all you can do is guard up and wait for the 2 min bell. Losing and having your heart and soul being crushed in the ring- in front of all your family and friends and 1000 others. These are all real things that happen- and can take some time to deal with…..lucky for us we had an awesome team environment- thanks to our coach Joe Pitman, so we could all support and pick eachother up. But as I have said to these people- you have put your hand up, you have committed and followed through, you have stood in that ring and shown your courage- and no matter what happens, is that you have become a better


person from having the experience in training and in the ring- an experience whether good or bad that will make you a A Blue teamstronger person. With the boxing game- you have to go in with the mindset that you only have 50% chance of winning- and thats if you even get to the stage of being in ring. This is the same with any goals you may set- but I believe it is the journey and the steps that you take towards those goals that count the most, if you fail the main thing is that you get back up again and give it another go- do not let the failures stop you or put you off succeeding. There are so many quotes around this and you know from looking back at your past experiences that if you give up on your first attempt that you will not go any further in life….so instead of looking at those failures as loses; look at them as a a step closer to your success, look at the obstacles as opportunities to make yourself better and stronger and keep up your positive attitude to keep striving towards your goals.

successThe Fight

a hit               a hit 2            the end

Firstly I would like to thank my opponent- Nicola Dudley- without her I would not have had a fight and we would not have been able to achieve our dreams of getting in the ring. I have not mentioned her in my other blogs as I felt it was about my own training and I needed to focus on what I was doing rather then think about the opponent. But to be honest- I was a bit nervous about fighting Nic. Obviously when you find out who your opponent is you do a bit of stalking- which is not hard being in Whangarei and on Facebook! So the two traits that kept on coming up were- “she is really fit and strong” and “she will not stop- she is very determined”….so originally I thought I was going to be able to win on fitness- until I heard this. And that is when  I realised sparring as many different people was going to be my best friend- and that paid off. The closer it got to the fight the more I started to think about it, about my opponent, about going on stage infront of 1000 people and about my combinations. But what kept me calm and confident was that I had done all training I could have possibly done- I knew that no matter how the fight turned out- I would be happy as I had put in everything possible. Have a think when you plan short and long term goals- are they realistic? can you put things in place to actually achieve them? Its all good signing up to a run, a fight, a challenge or a weight lose goal but if you don’t have the time and the support to help you achieve it you are going to let yourself down- knowing you could have done better. You may not know what is ahead- and as in my past 12 weeks and my friends who I have spoken about- obstacles always arise, but at least if you do everything possible in your control to get there you will feel more confident when it comes closer to achieving your goals.

What now?



This book has been sitting on my bedside table for the past few weeks. So for the next few weeks it is all about restorative exercise, getting my body and mind back in balance, and spending time on all the things that have been pushed down the priority list as well as spending time with the people I care about. But- as I always have exercise goals, the next mission is beating my lovely husband-Matt, at the Keri Keri half marathon. My weeks will go back to normal- being with my family as much as possible, doing marketing and admin plus a few PT hours for our business Activ8, spending time with friends and then fitting in a few runs and workouts when I can.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have helped and supported me along the way. Joe Pitman- for saying yes to train me, putting in all the hours training our team and creating such an awesome atmosphere within our group and teaching me the skill set required to get in the ring for the first time. Kenny- for meeting Corinne and I every Thursday morning at 5.30am and teaching me the basics of boxing- especially the jab! And to my husband- Matt- for being so supportive over the last 12 weeks- of my training, of my moods, of my tiredness and stepping in whenever possible to be there for me…I would not have been able to do it without this without you.

If you are interested in taking your goals to the next level, training for next years Charity Boxing fight or having a chat then please PM Activ8 or message me and I would be more then happy to help.

Thankyou for following my boxing journey- it has been great to have you on board!

xoxo Miranda