Mirandas Boxing Journey: 2 weeks to go!

The time has come – one more hard weeks training and then it is time to taper; time to mentally prepare myself, time to get my body in its peak well-being and time to FIGHT!

I have been meaning to blog for the past 2 weeks- but it seems like every spare moment I have I am training. I was thinking to my time prior to committing to the fight- and it was already limited, so the little spare time that I did have has been filled up with training- and it is getting to that stage of needing some ‘spare time’ back! Hence the first topic being Motivation techniques.


Amber and Miranda

Throughout the past 4 weeks I have had to really make the effort to sit down and plan my training week- or else it doesn’t happen. I have had to be selfish with my ‘spare’ hours in my day- saying no to things that I would sometimes prefer to be doing (eg. catching up with friends, spending time with family, relaxing in the winter sun when it came out!), and sticking to the plan and training. Are you a ‘yes’ person? I am….that is the feeling to having to say yes to every opportunity you get- and finding it hard to say no. Even when it may just be someone asking you out for lunch, or meeting up for a walk- I used to find it hard to say no. But with the training plan and aiming for a balance in my week I have had to say no, no, no and more no’s- which has been really good for me to practise!! There are 2 things that I have read in the past which helps me make my decision- Dr. Libby mentions in her books- “If it is not a HELL YES, then it is a no”. There is also the thought that “make all choices that are going to lead you in direction of your goals”….so when having to make decisions on where to spend my time over the last few weeks I have thought about these things to help me say yes or no, and stay on task to what I want to achieve in such a short period of time.

I am very thankful to my husband- Matt, as well as family and friends for helping out with looking after the girls more often then normal to enable me to escape to train- without this support I would not be able to do as much training as I have done. The best thing about having a goal is that motivation comes from having a deadline and also the thought of not being able to succeed if I miss a training session, (or get beaten up!!)….as I have mentioned before- without a goal and a plan of how to get there, there is no motivation to choose training over going out for coffee- you can always just put it off and put it off again, if there is no time limit on the goal. This is the same as a weight loss goal- you are going to feel guilty for not achieving it, but it is the sort of thing you can keep putting off “I’ll start next Monday”. Whenever I have felt doubt in whether I want to train or not- I just think its one day closer to the fight in which I have lost the opportunity to improve my boxing and fitness.

21 augI have never really had a motivational person in my life that stands out- there are many people that have contributed towards what I have achieved and done in my life, as well as many they have had a big impact on how I think and what I do. But over the last 12 weeks my motivational person has been my late grandfather- he used to get down on his knees when we were about 5 -10 years of age and teach us some boxing combos. I remember him saying that if we could make his nose bleed, he would give us $20 (None of us got to that stage!) So over the last few weeks I have definatley thought of him more and been more inspired when I think back to those days.

Getting Hard

23So! I have had my fair share of bruised noses, black eyes, scraped noses, sore ribs, bruised arms….but I guess I couldn’t expect to get away from this if I was to go in for a boxing fight! I think after a couple of weeks you just accept that this is going to happen. Having never competed in a contact sport before, I now realise how much it takes its toll on your body. I have found my body recovers fine after running/ playing squash/ netball, but recovering after being physically hit is a different story- another learning point for me. These lessons (getting punched in the bronwynface!), have not only taught me to keep my guard up- but also that there are worse things that could happen. For the sake of achieving goals, feeling fit and having a mission- getting a black eye is not that bad (Mum!!). Too many people these days look for the easy way out- they look for the ‘magic pill’- I’m sorry to say- but any diet, exercise plan, or supplement that seems to be too good to be true- is just that, its not true. Yes you may lose 10 kg within 5 weeks on the soup diet- but I guarantee you, you will put 10 kg plus more on, as soon as you eat REAL food. So stop looking for the easy/quick way, look for the REAL way and stick to it- that is the way you will achieve goals, lose fat for life and feel way more accomplished at the end of it. Then (as you can see from my sparring partner Bronwyn -thanks!), you will soon get your own back and start going forward in your own boxing game of life!….. although I still have not got to the stage where I don’t feel bad giving others a black eye!

Abdominal Exercises

26 I have never been a fan of spot abdominal exercises. For toning up, increasing core strength, sports performance and losing weight it is better to use large muscles (legs, butt, upper body) as the larger the muscle more energy you use- therefore the greater the fat loss. But for boxing it is essential that the core is strong, and the abdominal region is used to being hit. The first punch I got to the stomach (thanks Amy!!) made me feel sick-after having children this is a sacred zone for me! So it took a while to get used to this. I have done many different core exercises that have really worked to get it strong and ready…including getting people to throw the medicine ball against my stomach time and time again- to create the same effect getting punched in the abs would have…and now it its not that bad!   Core Programme:

15x Combination Crunches, 15x Med. Ball toe touches, 15x Med. ball throw to the stomach. 15x Med. Ball twists, Plank 1 min, Side plank 1 min each side….repeat 3x.


Mental toughness


This quote popped up on my facebook feed on the perfect day- it was after a night in which one of my girls was getting out of bed every 3 hours, and the other was waking with teething problems- so after finally getting to sleep at 4.30am the alarm went off to get up for Sparring with Corinne at 5.30am, then having a day of work to do plus being a mother and a wife, and trying to get everything done, it all got too much …and I wondered what and why I was doing this…..and then this quote popped up. Prior to this training I probably would not have liked this quote- I am a believer that if you are feeling run down, if you are tired, if things are getting too much- then you need to stop. Which is what I did- for 3 days. No training for 3 days felt like an eternity! But as Hamish Carter says, “It is the rest days that make you win the race”. At this stage it would have been easy to give up- but as this quote says- keep going. the results at the end will be well worth those early morning and those tired days. And after 3 days off and a few nights sleep I felt good again!

This week coming is full of sparring for me- I am at the fittest I will get so no point in doing lots of cardio, I have done all the conditioning I could have up until now, so now its time to focus on combinations, footwork, mentally preparing and the specific training of Boxing. Next week I will be talking about Nutrition throughout the past 11 weeks and my philosophy on food, as well as the build up to next Saturday 3rd September: Fight Night!


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