Mirandas Boxing Journey: 3 days to go

Nervous? YES, Excited? YES, Apprehensive? YES, Anxious? YES, Enthusiastic? YES….there are many adjectives that could be used right now to describe my feelings- and since I keep getting asked how I am feeling about the fight this weekend, and I can’t pin point what it is- I have made up my own word of what I am feeling right now: “Nervcitehensiviousastic”, and that describes it perfectly!

Positive Thinking


The power of the mind is something never to be underestimated. There are 3 things I check when I wake up every morning: 1) Start the day with positive thinking, 2) Be thankful for what I have and 3) Make sure I have a good attitude. These things help me get through whatever the day may throw at me…..and if things don’t go as planned I try to remember these throughout the day- and recheck to see if the problem which I think is a problem is actually worth worrying about in the big scheme of things!

This last week is all about mental imagery, positive thinking and visualisation. This can be used in everyday life for anything you want to be successful- a good day, health, business, sport, relationships etc. By creating predominately positive images, thoughts feelings, and a positive mental attitude this has been proved to have a significance impact on your success. SO with this week being rest and recover week, and getting the body ready for Saturday my mind is in over-drive!

See below some tips I have been following:

  • Using only positive words when thinking about the fight- I can, I am, I will
  • Disregard and ignore negative thoughts
  • Making clear visualisations in my mind and thinking about successful outcomes
  • Watching boxing videos, as well as my own sparring videos
  • Reading conquering fear extracts (thanks Vicky B-M!)
  • Going over combos and plan of attack in my head

Eat Whole Food, Limit processed Food and Cut out sugar


scrambled egg

Food philosophies and choices have got to the point of being followed like a religion- everyone has their own views, morals, habits and beliefs about what they should or should not be eating that it is a very talked about and opinionated topic. As a Personal trainer we get asked all the time- “What do you eat?”- as if we are some inhuman character..(well some PT’s may be, but I can assure you- I love food and have the same food cravings as a lot of other people!). So after thinking about what I eat and how I view food here is how I would put it…..

For the past 2 years I have done more and more research into the High Fat and Low carb primal way of eating- and it seems to work with my body type. Everyone is different and has a different make-up so what works for one will not work for someone else- I advise clients to trial with different ways of eating and then find something that gives them energy and keeps their body fat levels at a % they want and stick to it….there is no point in finding a way to eat if you cannot stick to it for life. My way of eating includes lots and lots of vegetables, meat with its fat, full fat dairy, fruit and nuts. By cutting out processed carbs like pasta, rice and bread and substituting with natural fats I find I get fuller a lot quicker and don’t feel hungry as much. These natural fats give me a lot more vitamins and minerals then processed carbs and I love them! My energy levels are generally really good (if my two girls have slept all night!!) and I don’t feel like I crave any foods (as I am not cutting out any whole food groups). Thou I am human……if we feel like takeaways we will often get Kebabs (Fat Camel), or Thai. In the weekend I will have icecream, or chocolate if I feel like it, if we are out for dinner I will order what I like- and not feel guilty about it, I will have a glass of wine or beer….or 2 or 3 if the occasion calls for it, I have days where I may fall off the wagon- but instead of calling the whole week as a blow out- I will get back on track. The great thing about training is that I have been eating the same foods- but due to my calorie expenditure- I have been able to eat a lot more- which is awesome!

broccoli bacon salad                                 Date balls

A typical (well-behaved) day for me would look like:


Scrambled eggs with avocado and spinach  OR

Porridge with whole grain rolled oats cooked with coconut and chia seeds, 180 protein powder, raspberries

Snack: (have been having when training, but if not hungry will not eat)

Fruit with a handful of nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts) OR

Raw Bliss Balls

Green tea, 1-2x week single shot coffee


Left over dinner (if Matt has not eaten it all) OR

Salad: Chicken, Lettuce, beetroot, cheese, hummus, carrots, avocado OR

Omelette: 2 eggs, cheese, tomato, red onion, bacon OR

Wholegrain crackers with hummus, cheese, salami


Smoothie: 180 Protein powder, berries, 1/2 banana, coconut water OR

Fruit and nuts


Stirfry and chicken/ steak/ fish

Red meat casseroles with lentils and root veges

Steak with roast vegetables

Chicken and Vege curry with coconut milk

Homemade Pizzas


Peppermint tea with bliss ball

Yoghurt blended with frozen mango

So thats about all for me- unless I have an urge to write about something else prior to fight night, my next blog will be post-fight! Mohammed Ali is now my role model for the next 3 days…..love these quotes

ali 1                       ali2                       ali7

ali5    ali6     ali4