Face Your Fears- Join Miranda in her Charity Boxing match journey

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“Yes do it”, “No- your crazy”, “Yes do it”, “No- you don’t have time”, “Yes do it”, “No- you might get knocked out”, “Yes Do it”, “No- you won’t be fit enough”, Yes do it”, “No- you have a 9month and 3 year old daughter”, YES DO IT”

These were the thoughts that went through my mind when challenged to do the ‘Contractors Charity fight night’ on the 3rd September- 11 weeks away! It was a challenge from a couple of friends/ work associates on Facebook- ‘If you do, then I will’, A Challenge to ‘face your fear’.  After 3 days of contemplating the idea I had to commit- and chose YES!

Introduction to Miranda

For those who don’t know me- I own Activ8 with my husband- Matt, and friend/business partner Shayne. I have been a Personal trainer for 11 years and have loved every minute of it. I have played squash at a competitive level for the past 5 years, and have completed 5 half marathons. I am now a mother to 2 gorgeous girls- nearly 3 years old and a 9 month old, as well as do admin/marketing work and a bit of Personal training.

How fitnessdid I make the decision to face my fears?

The 3rd day of contemplation was a Saturday- I went for a run as I have been doing most weekends for the past 3 months (training up for the Keri Keri Half marathon in November), I asked myself if I wanted to just carry on doing the same run, the same pace and the same distance for the next 3 months- as that is what I was doing currently- and I needed a change.  I have had many fitness and sports challenges throughout my life that I have trained for – but to be honest this is the first challenge I have had which has made me fearful, nervous, excited, scared and apprehensive all at the same time. As I was running, I knew that these feelings were what I needed to motivate me to pick up my fitness levels, commit to a new goal and face my fears of getting in a boxing ring. So when I finished that run, I sent off my entry form and felt motivated straight away.


Goals and Results:

As a Persona1st girl sparl Trainer we emphasise all the time the importance of goals in order to achieve results. But after having my 2nd child I was thinking fat loss and getting my fitness back to where it was, was a good enough goal (and it might be for some people!) It was not until I committed to this challenge that I have realised that those two goals were not big enough to make me change what I was doing, commit to hard-out training sessions and change my eating. (The previous two goals have already been achieved within 2 weeks of my boxing training- without me even focusing on the fat loss!) After sending in my entry form I sat down and wrote out a weekly training plan and printed off our Activ8 Food diary so I would write down all that I am eating (With still breastfeeding I want to make sure I can get all the energy I can get!)

Training Plan Week One and Two :

Sunday: Hill sprints              10 min jog warm up. Sprint up 80m, Run slowly down, Repeat 10x. 10min jog

Monday: Group Training     Skipping 30sec fast/slow intervals, Shuttles, Circuit: Burpees/Press Up/ Crunches

Tuesday: H.I.I.T @ Activ8   Ropes and Burpees 1min x 10, Shuttles, Bag work 20mins

Wednesday:                            Sparring, Squash Game

Thursday: Sparring               5.30am

Friday: H.I.I.T @ Activ8      Rowing intervals, Skipping, Bag work 20min.      MASSAGE

Saturday: Boxiv8                   1 hour, cardio and core group training

Sunday: REST


How am I feeling?

I have no6 packw just completed my 2nd week training- and am feeling amazing. I can honestly say that every session I have committed to and pushed myself 100%. The fitness training’s have only been 30-45 minutes long but I have felt like I have done 1.5 hours of work. The sparring has been a major challenge mentally- first time punching someone and first time in the ring. But thanks to my coaches- Joe and Kenny- I have gained so much with only 2 sessions under my belt. 2 minutes of boxing is one of the hardest things I have ever done- and I can’t wait for the weeks ahead to gain more skills and knowledge in this area.


I will be writing a weekly blog as I face the challenges and commitment of the next 11 weeks training. My reasons for doing this is to inspire other mums, females, athletes, anyone wanting to gain health and fitness results as well as those that need something more in their lives- To face there fear, Do something different and To step out of their comfort zone. 2 weeks ago I was one of these people and I never realised the impact of making this decision would have on me.

So as of Week Two- I already challenge you to have a think about what you can change in your life to make it better? What have you always wanted to do, but been too scared to do? What are you not doing because you are worried about failure? What is something that would make you commit to a goal and achieve it?

Next weeks blog I will be talking about my change in shift for the reasons of facing my fear! ….and don’t worry- it won’t be nearly as long as this post.

“Life is a journey, not a destination”