Matts Reality Check PLUS his 5 Top Tips to get you where you want to be

We live in the infomation age- there is so much infomation out there and a lot of it is conflicting.  So what do we listen to?  Who do we trust?


First I will tell you who not to trust.  Google searches and Facebook articles.  Now I am not saying these are all wrong and often they have experts backing them up- but they generally only tell one side of the story.  Not many answers are black and white, yes or no- especially in the health and fitness sector.  Most answers lie in the grey area- what is right for one person may not be right for you.

So we trust the experts, people who have delivered results to others in the past and who have actually studied the stuff!  These people are Personal trainers, Dietitians, Physios, Nutritionists,  Expert speakers, Doctors … the list goes on.  They tell us their opinion based on what they know- on what we need to do to help us, yet very few of us take the actions suggested, or if we do, we do them for a very short time and then fall back to our habits.

My opinion (and it is only that-my opinion) is that people are not taking responsibilities for their own lives.  We are all to quick to blame our situation.  We all think our lives are too busy, there is too much stress, work is crazy, the kids aren’t sleeping.  Everyones’ list is different – but it’s the same message. It is never anyones fault -it is their situation.

We are responsible for our own lives, we are responsible for our own stress levels, our own health, our own happiness and our own results.  And I can already hear all the parents out there saying “no, my kids come first”, of course they do- but if you can not keep your stress, health and happiness in check what kind of role model are you going to be? What kind of messages are you sending to them about the world we live in?

So when you ask your physio or your trainer what you need to do to to get yourself where you want to be, then Top Tip #1:  you need to listen to the answers. Top tip #2:  You need to make the changes they suggest. Top Tip #3: There are no excuses.

If you cannot commit to the changes needed – then what you are wanting to achieve is not important enough for you (at the current time).   If your goals ARE important ENOUGH – then you will make the changes.  I know this from experience- with my clients, but more importantly from myself.  I have many goals I want to achieve, and I know what I need to do to get there, but do I always do what is needed?  No.  But what I have realised (and it has taken me some time) is that it is one persons fault…….. mine.

So it is one thing to know that our situation is a sum of our own actions and choices.  And it is easy to want changes or want better, but, in reality it can be hard, scary and almost impossible to see a way out.  Deep down most of us know what we need to do to get where we want to be (body wise, health wise, life wise etc), don’t just ask for advice- but ask for support.  If you really want more- ask for accountability, ask for help, get others that are close to you to support you on your quest.  The other thing that is crucial for improvement and success is

SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF BELIEF & POSITIVE THINKING that you will get to where you want to be.

My experience with 100’s of clients from all back grounds, is that the ones who truly believe that they can do it and have a good attitude- achieve more results.  Faster than those with little belief and a negative attitude.  Over 90% of our body functions are controlled by our subconscious- therefore if you are always saying to yourself “I am still fat, lazy and tired,” then your subconscious hears this and makes you feel even more like this. This process reinforces this idea and makes it harder to lose weight, gain energy, create new habits…compared to the process which happens when you give yourself positive self-talk. You will physcially release different hormones and your subconscious will work in a way in which you will actually lose weight, feel more energy and stick to your goals.

To change your attitude towards yourself – start with gratitude.  Be grateful for what you do have.  Help others in their quest, it is amazing how much positive energy you will get from others once you start helping them.  Not every day is going to be amazing, but look for the good every day, in yourself and in your life.

Matts 5 Top Tips to get you where you want to be:

1) Be Grateful

2) Be positive / Believe in yourself

3) Get expert help but more important get expert support (from everyone)

4) Surround yourself with positive people.

5) Stop blaming your situation – take responsibility for your life.  This is not a dress rehearsal – we only get one shot – make it awesome.

Old African proverb:

“To go fast go alone, to go far go with many”.

Lets go far! Together.



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