Living in the Present Moment

Mindfulness is the new fashion word- and I can see why. Carrying on from my last blog I have been keeping up my new ‘slow down’ approach and being mindful and present as much as I can. It has not only changed the way I feel and cope with day to day life, but it has changed the way I look at the world and go about my day to day living.

Instead of packing my days full, I have realised to ‘have space’ is a wonderful thing. And to use that space to just BE. I still manage to get the important things done in my day- but without the rush, the stress and the constant ‘onto the next thing’ approach. Obviously some days it just does not happen- and as I reflect on those days I have realised I have not been in the moment with any of my moments and it has all been a fast blurr! But my focus right now- is to realise that, and to catch when I am not being present. Practising mindfulness is the key- and whether I will master that fully I will never know. What I know now- is the changes I am making is making the difference and that is all that matters in this present moment. (if that makes sense!?)

This brings me to the point about technology and phones. Being aware of how much I pick up my phone- to check a text message, to check Facebook, to check the news, to check Viber, to check Instagram…the list goes on, was a big turning point to create more space and be mindful. Every time we check our phones it is a distraction to being in the present moment. We are taken out from our surroundings we are currently in- not listening to any sounds around us, not seeing the people who walk past us or being with the people within our company, the task we were doing and moment that we were in…to now being in the minds of our phones, in the life of people we are looking at on our phone, to the news that we are reading on our phone. And to me this is unhealthy. Yes, obviously there is a time and place to do this- but is 85 times a day necessary? (average time spent per day on device in the world), this is twice as much as we realise.

So from being aware and mindful of when I look at my phone is a great chance to check in with myself. Am I in the present moment? It is a good time, to not look at my phone, but instead be present to that moment and mindful of just being. And more often then not- checking our phones, is actually a habit and we don’t even mean to do it! So if you message me and I do not reply within 5 minutes, or even half an hour- don’t worry I am not dead, I am just not with my phone! (btw if it is urgent they will call!)

Have a think about the things that you mindlessly do every day that actually take you away from being present and enjoying the moment you are in. Once you are aware of these things you can then change it around to be triggers that trigger you into being in the moment- no matter what moment it is, but being aware and present, instead of busy/stressed/doing/ and being distracted.

If you would like some support in how you can become more mindful, create your own personal mindful movement routine or just to have a chat then please contact me: Contact Miranda

Join me on the mindfulness journey! I look forward to hearing your experiences and seeing your progress in comments below.

“Enjoy your life today. Because yesterday is gone. And tomorrow may never come”