Live Trying or Die Worrying

By Shayne Dunseath

It’s a simple choice when worded like that but for a lot of people in modern society worrying about their image and health is easier than trying to do something about it.

Modern culture is forever changing and in its current phase of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton being role models for young and even older people of course a large proportion of society are feeling pressured to look amazing every second of the day. This very culture is also making people too self conscious to even try to better themselves because of the way they might look working out or being portrayed in the community.

For myself, ‘body shaming’ or ridiculing someone for trying to better themselves in terms of health and fitness is my biggest pet peeves (you ask anyone, it really pisses me off!). In a world of ‘perfect bodies’ seeing someone bucking the trend out there giving it ago in front of the public now that is inspiring to me not someone saying they have a ‘six pack’ or ‘thigh gap’.

The world is a cruel place but you have to start somewhere, remember that it doesn’t happen overnight it does take time especially if you want changes to be lifelong you have to be prepared to work for it. Just because society portrays something in modern culture doesn’t mean that that is the be all and end all. Be true to yourself, do what’s best for yourself, if you’re great at what you do- rock it, don’t let people bring you down- as the fake people always end up coming last. Keep in mind – people that get idolised also don’t have the stress of working, don’t have to worry about money, have a chef to cook their meals and so on.

You might be thinking ‘easy for you to say Shayne you’ve never been really overweight or unfit.’ Being a personal trainer in these times of YouTube and such avenues we are also not immune, PT’s are made out to be the most ripped and beautiful people walking the earth, but in reality this isn’t always fact it is again just how modern society portrays it to be. I consider myself to be completely healthy and of good physical condition but do I have a ripped 8 pack? No I don’t. Does that keep me up at night? No it doesn’t.  I am still at the top of PT field, comfortable with how I look and can match any of those TV posers in strength and fitness. So if I can get past the stereotypes what’s stopping you?

So all I can really say is TRY get out there do something think about your future and longevity, who cares what people say and think you are trying to better yourself. If you sit around worrying about it then that’s your fault no one else’s. 2017 the year of no excuses, let’s make it that and just get started make a goal and strive for it!

Shaynes’ Great Starting Points
-Walk the loop
-Walk Parihaka
-Do bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your own home

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