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“The last 6 weeks has been an inspiring and proud moment for myself. Not for anything I have done- but for what others have been doing around me. For clients who have changed their life through cutting sugar and processed foods. I have been blown away by the successes and changes some people have made through our Clean Eating Challenge- and even thou I know how good it feels to eat nourishing foods- I take it for granted and forget how bad the processed foods and inactive lifestyles can be for us and make us feel.” Miranda Harrison

It is for this reason I could not just stop the challenge and leave people at a dead end- to carry on supporting and motivating themselves (and all too often falling off the healthy eating and back to old habits), I wanted this to be a lifestyle change- and after seeing what 6 weeks has done, I have decided to carry the group on. Changing it into an online subscription group to support, motivate and inspire YOU.

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Clean Eating Challenge

Clean eating support , recipe ideas, whole food knowledge, nutrient infomation and inspiration to nourish your body with good food.

The Inspire Mind, Body & Health group includes all the above PLUS:

Exercise motivation and support, Ideas for decreasing everyday stress, Overall health and wellness, Tips for planning and preparing your meals, Guest speakers and posts, Group giveaways and expert knowledge on different areas in health.

Wellness Challenge:

Within this group we also run Wellness challenges to support you prioritizing your wellbeing. Every week we focus on a different strategy so you can learn about it, practise it and implement it into your daily life.

By learning about sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, hydration, social media, gratitude, morning and night routines, breathing and de-stress techniques you will see a huge difference in mental clarity, enegry, stress, fat loss, fitness, clearer skin, happier, more time for people that matter to you plus creating these life-long healthy habits and routines. To book your spot in our next challenge please contact us for more infomation, or join straight away:



Connie Wihongi-Stevens has found the group not only inspirational but it has changed her life:

“Since joining up with Activ8 and Inspire Body, Mind, Health I’ve lost 9 kilo’s in 13 weeks ❤️ the weight is literally dropping off me I am feeling great thanks everyone I’m loving the support on this page it literally is mind blowing and I think I’m getting some abs!”

What motivated Connie to lose weight, get fit and join Activ8?

 “I was almost 105 kgs (my height is 5”3), my Dr told me I was pre-diabetic and if I carried on the road I was travelling I would be Diabetic my Hb1C was high my fathers Mother lost both her legs due to diabetes my father was on dialysis because his kidneys were failing because of diabetes so my chances of getting diabetes were Extreme…… I also had high Cholesterol my fathers Dad had a heart attack and died he also had high cholesterol ….. my son who has Autism would run away if he didn’t like something usually noise crowds of people bright lights pretty much a sensory overload I remember going to Waitangi Day in Waitangi this year and my son had run away from the canoe area I could see him crossing the bridge amongst hundreds of people then he disappeared out of sight I chose to run pretty much exhausted, breathless towards Paihia way and a couple saw me stressed and crying they said they saw my son walking on the road heading towards Haruru she said to call the police so I did waving down a car to take me back to Waitangi and there the police were also looking for him I tell you it was the most frightening time in my life …. I have lost him a few times before but not in the open with thousands of people ….

I know when you are Maori your health stats aren’t good you have pre disposing factors of family who have suffered Diabetes, Heart Disease it’s no surprise Maori have the highest death rates in NZ from these factors SO in a nutshell that’s what motivated me to start and BE serious to want to be healthier and fit and live longer than my cousins, uncles aunties, parents and grandparents who died young from these diseases …..

And no I haven’t always been overweight I usually am 55kgs but I do seem to put on weight very quickly due to being an emotional eater BUT that has all changed with being on this awesome group. One year on today ….. I was 103 kgs then, I’m now 69.7 kgs now”

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