Increase Your Teenagers Activity Level

Gaming machines, social networks, computers, tablets, T.V are just a few of inactive activities some teenagers do, they also have a lot to juggle between jobs, school work, friends and interests. The key aspect is- if we don’t foster growth in their movement world it may sadly disappear and that is when the problem of inactivity all starts…if it hasn’t started already!

We recommend keeping your teenagers in some sort of sport throughout school- or some sort of physical activity that they enjoy. If they don’t enjoy it- they will give up, and it will have opposite effects on keeping them active, especially if they are being pushed into it. Some might just need a little encouragement to keep it going during the teen years, but if they can keep going through this time- they are much more likely to keep it up for life.

Benefits of getting your teen to exercise or MOVE:

  • Feeling more energetic and eager to participate in everyday activities
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Increase self-confidence, social cohesion, and a chance to have fun
  • Opportunity for them to be themselves and have that time out
  • Promoting a better outlook and positive mindset
  • Setting good routines for later in life
  • Prevent heart disease, diabetes, and a lot of other related diseases

So how do you get your teenager moving?

  • Adolescents are more likely to exercise when they do it with their friends
  • Variety is the key- sports game with friends, a walk up a hill, general playing outside or doing work like mowing lawns and stacking wood is also good.
  • Having a short and long term goal helps them to start and then stay motivated- get them to pick it, start small and don’t judge what they want.
  • Enjoying nature- get them into some outdoor activities eg. skiing, biking, tramping, swimming
  • Competition increases their enjoyment- depending on their personality. Having games with parents vs children enhances motivation
  • Use the excuse that the dog needs walking, or you are walking to go shopping (having an external motivator), is sometimes easier then opening the door and telling them to go for a run!
  • Put it in writing- write all your goals down as a family and sign it, after 3 months have a reward for those that have committed to it

If you are needing help to get your teenager moving Activ8 offers a Teen Athletic Bootcamp- we advice that your children want to come and we do not recommend you ‘making’ them do it. The sessions are focussed around sgility, power, strength, core strength, social cohesion and of course fun. We have a free trial coming up on Tuesday 25th July if they would like to come along and give it a go.

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