High Intensity Interval Training aka Burn Fat Fast!


pill Its not a pill, its not a machine…….ITS HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING or HIIT. This method of exercise helps you to lose fat faster than any other from of aerobic exercise. This involves short, intense, full body workouts that will get your heart pumping, blood flowing and will make you feel alive while gaining the results you deserve.


Interval training programmes are designed to improve muscle tone, rev up metabolism, burn that fat and get you in overall physical condition in a small amount of time. It is not easy and its not a miracle- its science.

What is it and how does it work??

hill-sprintsHIIT is a specialised form of training that involves short repeated intervals of max intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low to mod intensity exercise that is repeated. It involves pushing yourself beyond the upper limit of your aerobic exercise zone- its not just a higher heart rate, its pushing yourself to the max limit, 100% during the ‘hard’ intervals. This is the Principle of Overload. Stress is placed on the body that is greater than normal, which is going to instigate bodily improvements and performance improvement. HIIT increases the amount of calories your body burns during one exercise session and for up to 24 hours afterwards. This is because it uses full body- more muscles burning more fat; it elevates the metabolism so when you stop exercising the muscles are still working at a high rate and it limits muscle loss that can occur with longer training sessions.

What is the difference between HIIT and Low intensity training (continuous, slow exercise)?

Low intensity training will help you burn a certain amount of fat in the time you are actually exercising and not much more than that.  Low intensity burns 50% fat when training while High intensity burns 40% fat while training BUT low intensity exercise only burns fat calories for the amount of time you are working, this means as soon as you stop the fat stops burning.

In contrast, HIIT will spike your metabolism for up to 24 hours past your workout, meaning you continue to burn fat all day long! This is a powerful fat burning system. To burn fat all year round the best way is to build lean muscle, as it is continually active and continually burning fat- even when sitting down!!

What are the main effects from HIIT?

heartDecreased body fat and increased lean muscle as described previously.

  Increased lactic acid threshold– lactic acid is that burning feeling you get when you work out very intensely. Increasing the threshold means you will be able to do more work , at higher intensities, which means more fat burning and better results.

Improved cardiovascular system (fitness!)- HIIT predominately targets your anaerobic energy system (short, high intensity) but also at the same time it is improving your overall aerobic system(longer, endurance). While trying to recover between intervals, your aerobic system has to work to overcome the oxygen debt throughout the entire training session. Because there is limited rest you body is overloaded so forced to adapt to the situations and improve. To get fitter quicker HIIT is proven to be the best way as it targets the overall cardiovascular system meaning your fitness will improve dramatically.


Now tell me how to get these results………

Our Bootcamp sessions are tailored around you and your goals- some of the sessions are HIIT exercise sessions and some are focused on more endurance cardio and resistance exercises. If you need support and a kick-start to lose winter fat then check out our programmes:http://www.activ8nz.co.nz/bootcamps/

If you are motivated to do your own sessions then to get the best results complete 3 HIIT workouts and 2 longer, steady state aerobic workouts in between. Rest and great nutrition is also very important with these workouts as you will need to let your body recover and muscles repair themselves otherwise they will not be able to work to their optimum. Nutrition is 80% part of weight loss and muscle tone as well, so please ask for the correct guidelines for your body to get the optimum results and feel alive!!

HIIT workouts are designed specifically for each person so it is very important that you get a personal trainer to design one for you. This will be focused around your goals, exercise level and stage; ensuring you are going to FINALLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND FEEL ALIVE!!!!

To book in for your personalised H.I.I.T programme contact us today http://www.activ8nz.co.nz/contact/ or check out our Classes- our 30min Rush class is specifically designed for people on the go in their lunch hour. http://www.activ8nz.co.nz/fitness-classes/