Here it from our Clients, 2019

Thank-you for these amazing words. At Activ8 we pride ourselves on giving you a personal, fun and dynamic fitness experience like no other. We also provide you with a community, a family and a support system like no other. It is so warming to hear these words direct from clients to know we are delivering not only results; but making life-changing differences.



Christine Moore:

“I can’t thank the team at Activ8 enough.

I’m not a very self motivated person….so the alarm going off at 5.30 in the morning for Bootcamp, would sometimes be easy to ignore. But off I would go, rain, hail or shine. The trainers always smiling, joking and pushing us to what we think is breaking point. Humour is a huge part of what I love about Activ8, life can sometimes bring a lot of stress and challenges….a good laugh while you are being exercised to within an inch of your life is a great way to start the day.

They knew when to push me, when I needed it….and knew when to nurture me when life was giving me a hard time….with their help my fitness and strength reached a new level.”

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Ashlyn Muir:

“My decision to start training with Activ8 was on accident but by far has been the best accident of my life.

At the beginning of 2019 so many things about my life where unhealthy- My lifestyle, My Job and My relationship with my self.

I was working at a job and I manage to get injured, I needed to see a physio, Jill was the only one in whangarei available at the time, I went to my appointment and saw all these happy people training and thought this might be fun. I had at this point just gotten sent a photo from my friend of us in Auckland this picture made me cry, I hated everything about it. At that very point I decided to change my entire life. I went sugar free for SIX months! Dairy free, gluten free and if I couldn’t make it I wouldn’t eat it. By doing this I had lost close to 25kgs going from 74kg down to 50kg, by eating more and doing it the healthy way I have learnt I am more able then I thought to achieve the things I want. I have gone down from a woman’s size 14/16 to a woman’s size 4/6.

I’ve gone from not being able to deadlift anything to 100kg, from 80kg leg press to 200kg. I could do 5 push ups max to now 12 push ups 3 times over, from 60kg squat to 115kg squat. The sky is the limit now!

I now see photos of myself and am proud of all the hard work I have done, along side that amazing trainers that push me to my limits and inspire me every time I train I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Activ8.

I love training at Activ8, I now train with Vinnie 3 times a week and do a yoga session too, coming to Activ8 and pushing myself each time is the best part of my days by far!

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, I look forward to continuing my training as I get ready to do my first every body building comps!

Who would have thought that a simple injury would change my life for the better
Thank you Activ8 Family!”

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Mel Gibbs:

“Huge thank you to the amazing ACTIV8 NORTHLAND team! I am was the typical ‘get a gym membership, go for a week then never got back’ type of person. I knew I needed to do something make a change that I would commit to. Deciding to start PT sessions with Ama-Lee Ball has been one of, if not the best decision I have made. Amz is a truly amazing trainer and now a great friend. Boxiv8, yoga, rush classes and PT sessions with the lovely smiling assassin Jacinta have been challenging but also so much fun and I credit the whole Activ8 team with helping me smash my goals.

The diversity of the classes and sessions that are offered and the friendly, inclusive and welcoming nature of the team brings me back every week.

30kgs down, improved strength, flexibility and confidence, it’s just the beginning. Can’t wait until the next chapter!”

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Sasha Butterworth:

“I started at Activ8 only a few months ago with my dad but have already seen improvements. Not only has it improved my physical strength but my mental strength instead of getting to 5 push ups and saying I give up I can now do 28 in a minute and still feel ready to go on to the next exercise. Activ8 has helped me overcome my bad relationship with food and replace it so that food is a positive thing to help fuel my body at the gym. Going to the gym is my favourite time of the week because everyone is so nice and it feels like a community. Joining Activ8 was one of the best decisions Dad and I have made and are looking forward to many more training sessions with Vinnie and all of the other Activ8 trainers!”



Michael Davis:

“A massive shout out to ACTIV8 NORTHLAND who are one of Dream It’s affiliated partners. They help me prepare with my physical conditioning and get a baseline fitness to take on these Dream It adventures around the world with confidence. It lets me focus on looking after my clients knowing my training is ticked off and done.

Life-changing fitness is what they offer. They enable me to do what I do and also change the lives of their clients along the way. They make training fun and offer a great variety to make it enjoyable and achievable. I’ve personally witnessed the massive difference they make in the lives of their clients. They cater to all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels.

I’ve worked with many fitness coaches, trainers, gymnasiums in my lifetime and occupation and these guys are rockstars. If you are in Northland do yourself a favour and give them a call. You won’t regret it.”

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