Get comfortable being uncomfortable

The US Navy SEALs have this saying- meaning if you can be comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll be prepared to handle any situation that comes along in your own life. Too often we stick in our same routine day after day- maybe happy, maybe unhappy- but as soon as life gets too hard and makes us feel slightly uncomforatble it feels out of control.

“During their rigorous training, SEALs go through what’s called “surf torture”. The process involves everyone linking arms and laying down in the frigid ocean until the body reaches early stages of hypothermia. They do this daily before taking on whatever other tasks are required of them. The point is for them to stay focused on what they need to accomplish, despite how uncomfortable they feel. You shouldn’t subject yourself to these extremes, but the sooner you can find a way to stay focused — no matter what situation you’re in — the better. Life will make you feel uncomfortable, but that doesn’t ever have to stop you. Remember, it’s a good thing to feel uncomfortable. It means you’re moving forward and exploring new territory.” Patrick Allan, Writer.

We experienced bootcamp in the cyclone on Monday- and it was the smile on everyones faces, the exhileration post bootcamp, the energy, the happiness and laughter that caught my attention. Pre-bootcamp we were thinking about bringing it indoors- but then I thought about how I love running in the rain and maybe others need to expereince this as well? It’s not cold, we will keep warm exercising- lets do this!  Find out more about bootcamp

Benefits from getting outside your comfort zone:

  • Head-Clearing

    • You will know what I mean when you have expereinced this. When you have other factors to concentrate on, think about and overcome, everything else from your day disappears- the stressors at work, the problems on your mind and the things you were worrying about go away for that time you are umconfortable. This is a survival mechanism.  You create space and focus on the task at hand. As we expereinced when running in the run- you noticed nature- the rain, the bellowing river, the sound of the waterfall- noticing these things have signifcant effects on clearing clutter from the mind, to then make you think clearer, have more patience and be more mindful.
  • Decrease Stress

    • Feelings of accomplishment, gratitude, confidence, acceptance and success all came from this bootcamp. I had people coming up afterwards saying “how energized”, “proud of doing it”, and “thankful” they were for completing this session. We cannot be in a negative and positive emotional state at once. So once these positive feelings start to appear- our stress hormone (cortisol) decreases, meaning our body can function alot better then when it is rushing around our body. The more often we can get these positive feelings, the lower our stress will be at that time. So let’s not wait until we go on a holiday to Fiji in 3 months- do something now to make sure you are having fun, accepting challenges, doing something different, or changing daily habits to make more positivity in your life- and see how that makes you feel.
  • Results

    • “Insanity- doing the same thing over and over many times, and expecting a different results”. We need to align our actions to our intentions to get results. There is no point is saying you want to lose weight, then going and eating the same and doing the same as you have always done. The crucial things you need to change to get fat loss results is what you eat and how much you eat, what you do and how much you do, and looking at lifestyle factors. Changing it up- exercising outside, joining a group classs, doing high intesnity exercise, or doing restorative exercise- by getting variety into your life and your workouts you are going to find a fit for you. These may all be out of your comfort zone to start off with- but the more often you repeat something thae easier it will become. Check out what Activ8 has to offer here:Group Fitness Classes
  • Energy

    • Post-Bootcamp I was on a such a high. I ran 4x to the waterfalls and back that day- yet I did not feel tired. Why? There were many reasons for this- and getting outside the comfort zone was just one. The fact that there was so much natural energy coming from the waterfall, being outside, the endorphins being released from exercising all contributed to this. But others felt this as well. The increase in energy that comes from increased adrenaline, increased feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, increased happy hormones (endorphins) means you finish feeling like you want more. Feeling the buzz, vibrant and a zest for life are definalty the after effects of getting out of the comfort zone.

“I’m always up for an adventure BUT wasn’t too sure about running in the dark with a head torch! My eyes are getting older and I was a little bit uncomfortable with the idea, OK so maybe a LOT uncomfortable. With the support of the Activ8 PT’s and the small group that turned up at 6.15am we set off from AH Reed to the Falls at our own pace as the rain fell. My head torch was better than expected and it turns out I LOVE running in the dark with a head torch and the rain added an extra fun dimension. Getting to the Falls and hearing them as we continued our work out was exhilarating! Definitely makes you feel good to be alive! Pays to turn up even when you think it’s going to be an out of your comfort zone session.” Tania Coutts, Bootcamper.

So what are you going to change or do right now to get out of your comfort zone and feel the high of life?

Miranda Harrison

“Discomfort brings engagement and change. Discomfort means you’re doing something others are unlikely to do, because they’re hiding out in the comfortable zone.” — Seth Godin