The Over Eaters Guide to an Enjoyable Xmas

As people that enjoy food, drink and socializing- Xmas can be a time of a lot of fun, but also a lot of ‘wish I had nevers’. Which means we wished we had never eaten that much at the buffet, drunken that much at the work do or stayed out that late….. and left feeling guilty, tired, flabby and exhausted.

Don’t worry- this Xmas (Summer) can be different!

If you are wanting to still enjoy your Xmas, go to your social occasions and eat without feeling guilty then here are my suggestions: (Obviously you can take some and leave some)


  • If you know you have a social occasion, and would like to eat whatever you want- then be aware of how much you are eating throughout the day. I don’t like to count calories, but when you know you are going to have more calories in the evening, then cut them down during the day- have a low calorie but high nutrient breakfast and light lunch. eg. Eggs with Spinach for breakfast, berries for snack, Chicken Salad for lunch, no snack in arvo.


  • If we go into a state of eating more and doing less over Xmas, this is when the fat piles on. So think about also moving more while you are on holiday….especially if eating more. If you don’t want to have to worry and want to have an indulgent Xmas- then go ahead, but just know you may put on some fat and you can come back January and work hard for a month to get back into your routine.


  • If you know you have a social occasion, and want to control what you are going to eat- then try and have a higher protein snack in the afternoon. A protein shake with some fruit, or 2x boiled eggs. This way you won’t be too hungry when you go and you can pick the more nutritious options. Try substituting alcoholic drinks for soda and lime, light gingerbeer, lemon lime & bitters or a fruit mocktail, this way you can still enjoy a drink with less calories and no alcohol.


  • Intermittent exercise- No- not when you are out! I’m not that crazy. If you don’t have time to do a workout during the day, then split it up- do 3x 10 minute bursts morning, lunch and arvo. Even doing X amount of burpees or press ups every hour is going to increase your metabolism, burn calories, increase oxygen to your muscles and brain and you will feel better for it. This way you know you can fit it in. Same goes with your workout sessions- you may not be able to do an hours execrise- don’t worry- even a walk or a 20minute workout is going to better then nothing.


  • Pause before you eat. Ask yourself the question “Am I hungry?”, and if Yes- ask yourself if the food is going to fuel and nourish your body?, or if No-  are you eating because you truly want to? Then go ahead! Often we just put food into our mouth without even realizing it…especially when nibbles are being passed around. I am not saying don’t eat, I am wanting you to make the conscious decision to eat- rather then the mindless activity it can sometimes be….especially when drinking as well.



  • Drink lots of water during your days. Keeping hydrated means our body is going to be flushing out any toxins we may be putting into our bodies. It also helps to avoid cravings…often we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty. And give yourself the advice you would give your children- 1 water, 1 alcoholic drink. Or no alcohol and only water, maybe???  click here for our yummy mocktail:



  • Enjoy yourself. Remember whatever you choose- it is your choice so make that choice and enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty, don’t go over all the things you have eaten, don’t wish you could turn back time. Instead take the bull by the horns- make the decision to eat it and enjoy, drink it- and accept the after effects of a hangover, do more exercise and enjoy not putting on the 5kg over Xmas- whatever you decide, go with it.

I am no expert at this- every Summer I tell myself to not over eat and to keep up my normal exercise routine, but sometimes the heat, the occasions and the being in the moment can just get too good- and next minute I can’t fit my jeans. But these are some simple tips that I do try and stick to, so instead of going completley off track, I just relax a little and know I can get back into things when back into my normal routine. And this blog may help in the New Year:

I love food too. So let’s do this together- I would love to know what you think of my suggestions,

From your Health and Wellness Motivator,


P.S Need to keep accountable over Summer? We have a closed group facebook page you may be interested in- this will keep your motivation, inpsiration and commitment to being healthy up over Summer- check it out here: