Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

I’m going to lead on from my last blog- I know it’s a bit deep but I’m trying to get you to think a little bit harder about things and maybe come out with a few fresh realisations.

Everyone does things for different reasons, but in some circumstances, on the surface that can be seen as something not everyone would agree upon or accept, but deep down has a significant meaning to that specific person. So why do we judge them? It’s in our nature to, we come to conclusions before we know the story behind it.

Where am I going with this you ask?

Actions, words, criticisms, judgements all play a factor in determining if someone is going to change something about themselves. If this is for health and fitness what right do you have casting judgement on them, if this is to look like Kim Kardashian that too is fine, what right do you have casting judgement on them. We can’t judge a book by its cover -everyone has different motives to achieve different things and can look completely different to what that person ‘should’ look like on paper.



Currently there’s a Rebel Sport advert: ‘Find your why’, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do here is make you think deeper and find out why are you doing this and/or why you aren’t you doing this? Don’t let people’s judgements or potential judgements of you, dictate if you start or continue your journey to a better you through health and fitness. It can be daunting- you may end up lying down gasping for breath feeling sick. You may not look like the most dignified person doing exercise- there maybe people staring at you, but who cares if you have thought deep down, and found your why. If you are striving to achieve that, then your priorities are right, not one person has the right to judge you.

What’s my why then? My job is to help clients achieve their goals and dreams, my job is to provide a platform for them to achieve great things, my job is to get my knowledge out there. But my why is to see that look when I know something special has changed in my clients life, that added spark/fire. My why is not to make everything about myself, to put myself on a pedestal of greatness and think that everyone wants to be me or look like me. I’ve said it before- even though I’m not the ‘picture perfect’ trainer, does that affect my ability to achieve my Why? No. Do people judge me for not looking ‘picture perfect’? 100% of course they do, but those people don’t understand the knowledge and passion I have underneath TO HELP THEM.

Still don’t believe me that peoples’ perceptions or judgements of what certain things/people should look like or act then I’ll leave you with this:

The All Blacks, the most dominant and fittest rugby team on the planet what does their coach look like? Does he look like them, does he look like he can match them in fitness and power? Can anyone question his ability as a coach/mentor winning World Coach of the Year multiple times, 2 world cups and 90% win rate because he doesn’t look like a rugby player?

Go and find Your Why and Don’t judge a book by its cover!