Activ8 Prizegiving 2016

Most Inspirational 2016: Lorraine Kokich and Hayley Donovan

Lorraine is an inspiration to all those who know her- she has been an inspiration to all those pupils she has taught and has bought joy into their lives. Lorraine has been training with Activ8 for over 3 years- her commitment, positive attitude and change in lifestyle (including bringing her husband along as well!) are just 3 of the reasons she has taken out this award for 2016.

Hayley has also been an inspiration to all other 15 year olds in Northland, as well as us! She has prioritized her training sessions amoungst other school commitments to make sure she gains results and sticks to her routine. She started off coming with her Dad every morning at 6am, and now comes by herself using the studio as well as in group sessions. Hayley is a commitment and moitvated young girl with a lot in her future- congratulations.


 Bootcamper of the Year 2016: Soraya Teiringa

Soraya has lost a total of 30kg and counting.She has changed her lifestyle, her eating, her habits and her thinking in order to make a change and get results. Soraya has been committed to her own training as well as Activ8s bootcamps for the past 15 months and we have seen a huge difference in her confidence, body shape, energy levels, fitness and strength. Soraya has such a great positive attitude and has pushed her body and mind to the max throughout the past year in order to stick to and get results. Well done Soraya!

Studio Of the Year 2016: Josh Shephard

Josh has lost kilos of fat, increased kilos of muscle, gained huge levels in fitness and increase strength by huge amounts. Some would not recognise Josh from the beginning of 2016 as he looks completely different now.  He started by joining one of Clean Eating challenges earlier this year- aiming to cut our sugar and processed foods from his diet and add in more whole foods and veges. This kick-started his healthy eating mission as well as got motivated by the results. He has been committed and motivated throughout the year with all his training sessions with Ryan- pushing himself to that next level on the treadmill or upping to that next weight. Keep it up Josh- looking forward to you continuing your results in 2017!

Small Group of 2016: The Dream Team

For the 2nd year running this tight-knitted group have taken out this title again. Due to their ongoing commitment, hard work and achievements as a group they came out on top. 3x a week this group turn up- each and every one of them with not many excuses- they do whatever Dilan throws at them and push themselves to that upper limit. They have gained results and achieved some major milestones including running a marathon and PB’s in the Keri Keri. Well done- looking forward to seeing your 3rd time around next year maybe!?


Strongest Female 2016: Bronwyn Dalley

If you are ever in the studio when Bronwyn is working out you stop and watch- she does a range of work-out-stopping movements- including heavy lifts, amazing flexibility, martial arts and overall a great body to watch! Congrats Bronwyn- you inspire us all!



Strongest Male 2016: Selwyn McIllhinney

Selwyn is continually pushing himself to lift heavier and do more. He will never settle for a weight to be able to finish it- he continues to put the weight up and push himself- always gaining new PB’s.  Selwyn is a motivating person to have in your group PT as well as to train- so keep it up in 2017!


Fittest Male 2016: Karwyn Werder

Karwyn has come a long way since he started Activ8- increasing his fitness dramatically and becoming a competitive long-distance runner, as well as changing his diet and lifestyle. Karwyn is very motivating not only to his group he trains with but all those who see him train. He has smashed out PB’s at the Keri Keri half marathon, competed in various long-distance events throughout 2016 and then topped it off by finishing his first marathon- and not only was it a marathon but and off road one as well! Keep up all your hard work to achieve all your goals.


Fittest Female Studio 2016: Holly Duder Joy

Holly has a great overall fitness level with stamina, endurance, speed and agility. She pushes herself at whatever exercise she is given and will accomplish it without any complaining. Holly commits herself to all her sessions and never misses- keeping it in routine every week. Keep it up in 2017!




Active Ager 2016: Margaret Wilson

Margaret is the joy of the party in our Activ8 Ageing class. This class is for over 60’s and is focused on improving flexibility, core strength and movement. Margaret is commitment every Monday and Thursday along with her group and she has seen amazing results. Getting over a back injury which had her lying in bed for a few weeks she is now walking, lunging and pushing her self to new limits to ensure she stays mobile and fit into her old age. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you Margaret.



Mummyv8er of the year: Keona Morton

Keona has gained amasing results in 2016 to increase fitness, lose fat and increase strength. Her commitment and motivation have shone through all year from her turning up to most sessions plus doing her own workouts at home. She has prioritized her fitness and fitted it in amoungst 2 children, work and homelife- which has been a juggle but she has made it work. This mums and bubs class has been perfect for Keona to bring along her children and be able to focus on her own exercise. We love having you part of our class and look forward to your results and commitment in 2017.


Rush of the Year: Jeanine Walters

Jeanine has been committed to our lunchtime Rush classes every Tuesday and Thursday for over a year now. Her bubbly personality and energy have been awesome to have in the class as well as her commitment and motivation. Jeanine has increase fitness and overall strength and toning- her results have been awesome. We look forward to this continuing in 2017 Jeanine!



lose weightChallenge Winner 2016: Lyn Morris

Every month at Acitv8 for 2016 we had a different challenge that had to be completed- when you completed this challenge you got one entry into this award. Congratulations to Lyn who completed the most challenges throughout 2016. One challenge was to complete The Loop, which I think she completed just about every day of the month! Good work- keep up the hard work.



Boxiv8tor of the Year: Jan Dawson

Jan is committed to her Wednesday and Saturday boxing classes every week. Every week she pushes herself to that next level, does the correct boxing technique and steps it up. Jans’ fitness and core strength have really improved since she has been coming to these classes, and we would also like to congratulate her for the sessions she does in her own time as well- keep it up in 2017!



Immortal 2016: Ian Hanmore

Ian is super fit, fullstop. Our Immortal sessions are designed to push the best of the best- the fittest person, the strongest person and the person who has a strong-willed mind that won’t give up. Whatever is in the session Ian will dominate it and push through those perceived beliefs. Well done Ian- you motivate all those in the Immortals class and we wall strive to push ourselves to the max and increase our fitness like you have.




Individual from a group: Paula Croasdale

Paula has gone from eating spoonfuls of sugar to eating whole foods and exercising regularly. She has committed to her group training every week plus motivates those around her. We have seen her results and focus go from strength to strength over the year and her pushing herself that little but more every session. Not only has she seen great results and lost lots of fat, she has increased energy levels and enjoys what she is doing. Keep it up for 2017!