5 tips to ease back into your exercise routine

It is always hard to get back into your health and fitness routine after being on holiday, having a break or when low motivation hits. Below are Mirandas’ top tips on how she will be getting back into her exercise regimen and healthy eating this week.

1.Plan and prioritise:                                                                                                        Before the week starts  sit down to plan your days and time to fit your most important things in. I plan my work, my exercise, any appointments and get the food shopping done – meaning  the week will go more smoothly. It also means that I get to fit in the things that are priority. Get organised the night before- workout clothes ready plus snacks/ lunches prepared if not going to be home.


2.Prepare                                                                                                                                                        Preparing meals is crucial if you are wanting to eat as best as possible. I like to prepare salads that are easy to put in a container and take to work, as well as raw balls that are easy to eat on the run or as a quick snack. Ideally I will do this on a Sunday, or else Monday night. Over the next month we will be sharing our top easy and healthy recipes with you on our recipes page http://www.activ8nz.co.nz/recipes/snacks/



3. Daily Focus                                                                                                                                                        At the beginning of each day my aim is to get up 10 minutes earlier (or before kids wake!), to get dressed, do some stretching and breathing.  I will think about what I need to do for the day. Writing down tasks in my diary as well as thinking ahead of meals, exercise and priorities helps me stay on track for the day.


4.  ProActive……no excuses, no procrastination                                                                                                     It is so easy when getting back into routine to put off your exercise  until next week, to start eating healthier tomorrow, to just have “one last sweet thing, one last unhealthy meal, one last drink”. I know I am guilty of this, so instead of putting it off- there is no time like the present. Start now and feel better for it tomorrow. My first week planned getting back into things may be a little easier then other weeks as it will be a shock from my ‘holiday zone’. But my main aim is to stick to what I have planned and make no excuses. Doing a little bit more each week is going to get me back to where I was in my exercise routine.



5.Focus on the Positive

I always feel a bit down getting back into my routine- as I am not as fit as pre-xmas, my body does not feel as good and I am not lifting the same weights as before. But this year I am thinking positive- We have had a great xmas, I have enjoyed having a break from my exercise routine and doing other things like swimming, water skiiing, casual runs and beach volleyball and I have enjoyed treating myself more then normal. So it has been all worth it and I know I will get back to where I was by sticking to my goals.


I challenge you to take 5 minutes now to plan your next 5 days- plan your exercise, plan your meals, plan your ‘me’ time, think positive, no excuses: Good Luck!

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