If I said to you “there is a pill that will cut your risk of coronary heart disease by 30%, cancer by 15% and premature death by 22% PLUS it will increase your energy levels, support you in clearing toxins and losing weight.” Would you take it? I know a lot of people that take all different kinds of pills to get the above benefits- by they are still not adding more vegetables into their diet.

Why? Because it takes time, they don’t like them and don’t have the recipes- those are few excuses.

So I’m going to tell you that recent studies from Harvard Medical School prove that eating more greens and adding more vegetables into your daily diet WILL cut your risk of coronary heart disease by 30%, cancer by 15% and premature death by 22% PLUS it will increase your energy levels, support you in clearing toxins and losing weight……plus more! And now I’m going to tell you some simple ways to do that.


These are a great way to add green, leafy vegetables (plus fruits) into your day without having to eat them raw. 100g of Kale has 10x the RDI (recommended daily intake) for Vitamin K1 and 2-3x the levels of Vitamin A and C. By adding this to a banana and pineapple smoothie you will not taste the Kale plus you will get the benefits of these extra nutrients in your day. To check out some of my favourite easy smoothie recipes click the link: https://www.activ8nz.co.nz/recipes/smoothies/

Snack on vegetables

I know it sounds like you need to be Peter Rabbit- and sometimes you may feel that way when crunching away on your carott sticks at work, but trust me- this is a great energy boost for the afternoon. Carotts are high in beta-carotene, fiber,vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. Carrots are weight loss friendly and have been linked to lower cholesterol levels and improved eye health. Pre cut vegetables on a Sunday- carrots, capsicum, broccoli, celery and put in an airtight container. These can be eaten on their own, or dipped in homemade Aoili or hummus for a tasty snack.

Add leafy greens to meals wherever possible

100g of leafy greens goes down very fast when added to a hot meal. Chop up kale, spinach, silverbeet or courgettes and add them to mince dishes, curry, soups, salad, ommlettes, homemade pizza. Even better- stirfry with broccoli and green beans plus a bit of coconut oil, which improves blood cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease as well.

Start adding vegetables to every meal

Breakfast- smoothie, Eggs with spinach, avocado and tomatoe. Snack- Vege sticks. Lunch- Loaded salad with lettuce, capsicum, grated beetroot, chopped tomatoe, quinoa and chicken. Dinner- Stirfry with meat and kumara. According to the Harvard Medical study, Broccoli is one of the best vegetable providers of vitamin E, which supports cells fighting germs. Broccoli is a great vege to add in daily- whether raw, smoothied or stirfried.

Explore new recipes that are vegetarian (then add meat if want)

Play your nutrition like a game- Where can I add the veges? What meals do I love making and where can I substitute processed foods for green vegetables?

Lasagne- swap out the pasta sheets for aubergine or courgettes

Cabonara- swap the fettitine for zucchini noodles

Add in all your old vegetables in fridge and make a quiche. https://www.activ8nz.co.nz/recipes/lunch/courgette-quiche/

Make cauliflower rice to replace white rice

Add vegetables into baking. eg. Dr. Libby Beetroot Chocolate Mudcake https://www.drlibby.com/recipes/beetroot-chocolate-mud-cake/

To live longer we also need decrease processed foods and trans-fats, and increase nuts, seeds, wholegrains, whole foods and fruit.

If you would like 24/7 support in adding greens to your diet, or to be inspired in your mind, body and health please check out our Inspire Facebook Group by clicking this link: https://www.activ8nz.co.nz/news/inspire-body-mind-health-activ8/