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Willpower is NOT enough

Ok so we are half way through February, and by now 95% of those who made New Years resolutions have failed.  So why do most New Years resolutions fail?  Most believe it is because they lack the required WILLPOWER to achieve their goals and dreams.   My experience in the health and fitness industry has […]

Finding Happiness- the trip of a lifetime

18 months ago, I got a strange call from a man calling himself Mavis (is that even a real name?), he told me he had the opportunity of a life time and that I must meet with him asap.  A bit sceptical I meet with this stranger called Mavis and he started speaking 100 miles […]

25 hour days, Unicorns and Fairies

The ancient Egyptians developed the 24 hour day thousands of years ago, since then there has only ever been 24 hrs in a day, and most importantly it is NEVER going to change.  We all have the same number of hours, what we do with those hours determine what we can achieve, and how successful […]