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Mirandas Boxing Journey: 3 days to go

Nervous? YES, Excited? YES, Apprehensive? YES, Anxious? YES, Enthusiastic? YES….there are many adjectives that could be used right now to describe my feelings- and since I keep getting asked how I am feeling about the fight this weekend, and I can’t pin point what it is- I have made up my own word of what […]

Mirandas Boxing Journey: 2 weeks to go!

The time has come – one more hard weeks training and then it is time to taper; time to mentally prepare myself, time to get my body in its peak well-being and time to FIGHT! I have been meaning to blog for the past 2 weeks- but it seems like every spare moment I have […]

Mirandas Boxing Journey: Week Four

4 weeks down and 8 weeks to go. The last 2 weeks have had its ups and downs- I am loving the training and have loved having a mission for each individual training session- to get fit and learn how to box! But the past 4 weeks of training are starting to take its toll […]

Mother and Daughter Challenge

Lose Weight, Have Fun And Win a Pamper package with the Mother and Daughter Challenge When? Starts July 25th Whats included? 6 weeks of your own exercise (can be done through Activ8 or on your own), Weekly challenges, Fitness testing, Nutrition feedback and recipes for the family, Support and motivation over Winter, Lose weight, increase fitness, […]

Face Your Fears- Join Miranda in her Charity Boxing match journey

“Yes do it”, “No- your crazy”, “Yes do it”, “No- you don’t have time”, “Yes do it”, “No- you might get knocked out”, “Yes Do it”, “No- you won’t be fit enough”, Yes do it”, “No- you have a 9month and 3 year old daughter”, YES DO IT” These were the thoughts that went through my […]

Zucchini and Chicken pasta with avocado sauce

Ingredients 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into small cubes 6 large zucchini 5-10 sun dried tomatoes, diced (optional) 2 tbsp cooking Fat Sea salt & ground pepper to taste 2 large avocados, peeled and pits removed 10 basil leaves Juice of 1 lemon 4 garlic cloves, sliced ½ cup full-fat coconut milk Sea salt […]

Clean Eating Meal Plan

  Breakfast: Banana Berry Smoothie 4 bananas, smashed 1 ½ cups full-fat coconut milk 6 oz blueberries, fresh or frozen 6 oz raspberries, fresh or frozen 2 tsp vanilla extract 4 cups ice…..blend all ingredients until a smooth consistency Lunch: Scrambled egg with Avocado Dinner: Chicken Drumsticks with Kumara and Sauteed Spinach 24 chicken drumsticks, […]