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Does the Wild Kiwi beat Matt 2018?

Wild Kiwi 2018 we owned it! Last year after failing miserably at the Wild Kiwi race, I wrote a blog about how failure is awesome and how it can drive you to succeed and do better…..12 months has passed and a large number of Activ8ors have smashed the Wild Kiwi in the weekend. (Read Matts […]

Breakfast Balls

Rolled Oats Chia Seeds Sunflower Seeds Cranberries or Raisins Cashew nuts Almonds Honey Peanut butter Protein Powder (optional) Chocolate chips (optional)   Warm peanut butter and honey until it’s slightly melted and mixed together. Put all ingrediants in a blender- blend until just combined. Mixture should be sticky and able to be rolled together……if too […]

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

The US Navy SEALs have this saying- meaning if you can be comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll be prepared to handle any situation that comes along in your own life. Too often we stick in our same routine day after day- maybe happy, maybe unhappy- but as soon as life gets too hard and makes us […]

Simple Slaw

Red Cabbage -thinly sliced Green Cabbage -thinly sliced Silverbeet/ Spinach -thinly sliced Carrott- grated Cheese- grated Sunflower Seeds Celery- chopped Corn- cut off cob, or tinned Mayo for dressing Prepare veges for the slaw Toss all together Put in airtight container Add mayo when serving Aioli is a healthier option  

Caramel & Coconut Raw Balls (or slice)

1 cup almond meal (blended almonds) 2 cups coconut 1/2c raisins 1/3c coconut oil (melted) 1t vanilla paste 1T honey pinch of salt   Blend ingredients all together. Roll into balls or press into slice tin. If too crumbly add more oil (remember it will harden in fridge), if too wet add more coconut. Store […]

Melon, Mint & Cream Smoothie

1/4 cup frozen melon 1/4 cup spinach 1/4 banana 2 mint leaves 1/2 cup coconut water (add more of this depending on the consistency that you like) 1 T cream (add more depending on the creaminess you like. Can substitute with coconut cream)   Blend all together until creamy. This is a yummy smoothie for […]

The Over Eaters Guide to an Enjoyable Xmas

As people that enjoy food, drink and socializing- Xmas can be a time of a lot of fun, but also a lot of ‘wish I had nevers’. Which means we wished we had never eaten that much at the buffet, drunken that much at the work do or stayed out that late….. and left feeling […]

Inspire Body, Mind, Health with Activ8

“The last 6 weeks has been an inspiring and proud moment for myself. Not for anything I have done- but for what others have been doing around me. For clients who have changed their life through cutting sugar and processed foods. I have been blown away by the successes and changes some people have made […]

Green Slaw: One Stop Green Hit Stop

INGREDIENTS 1 cup green cabbage 3 kale leaves 2 cups salad greens (eg. silver beet, lettuce, celery, beetroot leaves, spinach) 1  handful of mint 1  handful of parsley 50 grams of crumbled feta (optional) 2 Tbsp of toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts (or whatever you have in the cupboard!) 2 Tbsp tamari […]